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Would love to see an option when creating tasks to assign an urgency level. 


It would be great if those tasks were color coded for the reps receiving the tasks or just some so of visual like a column dedicated to Urgency Status so that they can sort through those.


We are noticing urgent tasks, even when titled "Urgent" are still being missed by our reps.

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Agreed - The tasks are in ascending order on the portal but not in the Contacts.  It would be extremely helpful for them to be in ascending order rather than descending order in the Contacts for both the individuals and the companies contact areas.


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agreed, this would be helpful. The ability to filter tasks on contact properties in general would help our sales team.

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I agree, my reps are asking for this functionality as they had it in outreach or Salesforce

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Another problem is that when trying to filter tasks there is no option to remove completed ones from board view ) unless moved manually) those that are completed should really not show up in there.. 


another problem with the searching in tasks that it has an 3character limit in order to proceed so shortcodes doesn't work either. 


We come up with an idea that you can enable until "Hubby" as we call itSmiley Happy release some updates on these use 3 character codes and unique identifiers (manually) so you can filter the results e.g. 

fu1, fu2, fu3, call, conn etc. (exclamation marks before these codes can kinda make them priority)

!fu1, !fu2, !fu3, !call etc.etc. 


keep up everyone Smiley Happy


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Yes! Especially when tasks involve calling!!!!!!

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This is a critical feature that is misssing from Hubspot.  Every CRM I have used has call/task prioritsation.


Will this be added?

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We have custom properties for contact, deal, company, ticket but no property for task. What?!
I noticed that Task is the most sketchy function in Hubspot, we almost can not customize anything in the Task.

My users constantly ask me to create priority property for Tasks. They expect it to be an indispensable basic function, just like other CRMs. I felt very uncomfortable when answering them that it's a function that Hubspot has not developed, because Hubspot is a high-end product, so ... uhm ... it's bad at basic functions. And they say that such a basic feature is definitely somewhere in Hubspot that I just can't find it. It's hard to explain to them that "No, Hubspot has not developed that very basic function!"

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Similar to  Zsolt_P, we use a starred system to rank tasks...***** being most urgent hot leads or follow ups, then down from there. I've also seen people use the alphabet A,B,C etc to rank hot leads. It'll work, so long as your workflows name the tasks that way. You'll also need to instruct users to use the same ranking system for them to use it.


Its silly to offer Task Queues as a solution. Queues are really the end result of ranking since you can use them for call queues, but for every day usage, not having more filters and sorting abilities hurts the tool's usefulness.

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This would be incredibly helpful for sales managers to help their sales team prioritize their most important tasks first.

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This is a great idea - would really like to see this feature happen!

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Please add task priority to the system.  Is this at least on the roadmap?

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This post is 2 years old but still highly relevant - really can't be that hard to bring in a tagging system on this - would be so so useful when trying to juggle 100s of different tasks daily

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Delivered

Hi HubSpot Community,


Scott from the product team here. We recently released the option to set a priority level on a task to all users. When creating tasks, you'll now have the option to label the task as "high" priority. When working in tasks, you can now also sort and filter by task priority.  


Feedback and thoughts welcome!


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Great addition! 


Next up:

1.  Allow for the ability to assign that High Priority to a Task in a Workflow.

2.  Allow for Custom Task priorities: 

- High, Medium, Low

3.  Ability to Sort and control sort order :

 - Right now, we can see only ALL Tasks or only HIGH priority tasks.  It'd be nice to see All Tasks sorted by Priority.

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@sjudson this is one more time when Hubspot marks as delivered feature requests that are not. Clearly, a y/n "High Priority" is not the scope of this idea. It's at least the 4th time over 2 months for features I follow that this happen. I highlighted that then Hubspot never replied. It's getting serious. I see only 2 possibilities: (1) Hubspot PM do not read the content of the ideas, just the title, and are shipping without doing research (2) Hubspot PM are wrongly incentivised to mark as many idea as delivered even if they are not.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

@VagaeNatus could you explain why the solution provided does not solve your problem?

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

@Shades thanks for the feedback. 


  • Task priority is supported in company and deal based workflows. Contact workflows are being worked on now. 
  • Could you explain why you want a label for MEDIUM and LOW priority tasks? How do you know when a task is HIGH priority vs. MEDIUM or LOW? And what's the difference between a task that is MEDIUM or LOW priority and NOT a priority?
  • Tasks does support sorting by priority and filtering by priority today. 
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I agree that we need some type of way to better prioritize tasks than just by marking some as urgent. Most project management solutions have at least High, Medium, Low priorities. But reading through the thread, it seems like there are different field values that everyone wants. So maybe a good long-term plan would be to allow for custom fields on task properties? That way we can add other fields to tasks like tags, labels, or secondary owner, etc... similar to a way we use project management software where you might have a series of custom fields to help sort, segment, and filter your tasks.


I agree that having low, medium, high would be useful to split tasks.

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1.  Workflow - Just curious, with Hubspot so CONTACT focused, why we wouldn't start there with the Workflow capability vs. the Company/Deal?  Maybe with CONTACT being the focus, it jsut has a higher barrier to entry?

2.  HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW - that was more an example of what one could do with Custom Task Priorities. A custom field for Priority would allow for prioritizing Tasks by Product, Process, Personnel, CTA, etc...   

3.  Sorting - Now combine Priority field assignment in Contact Workflows, Sorting of Tasks by Priority , this becomes SUPER powerful/useful.


Keep up the progress!  Happy Friday!