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Would love to see an option when creating tasks to assign an urgency level. 


It would be great if those tasks were color coded for the reps receiving the tasks or just some so of visual like a column dedicated to Urgency Status so that they can sort through those.


We are noticing urgent tasks, even when titled "Urgent" are still being missed by our reps.

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We would love a similar function here. Essential tasks are being lost in a sea of non-essentials.

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Agreed. The ability for the team to collaborate on the priority of tasks, not just Deals, would be great. Color tagging priority in the Board view would be cool. Mainly, just to be able to collaborate on categorizing tasks as High, Medium, or Low priority in some way would be incredibly helpful.
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Definitely so.  You can tell that the CRM was not created by sales professionals.  This is something that every other CRM I've used had a function for.  The closest I've come to having a work-around is "tagging" all my important tasks as "email" category which I can then filter through the view when calling all my important tasks.  

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Please please please:  this capability is crucial, and it CRIPPLES Hubspot's task "function."  Without the ability to tag or sort tasks by urgency or importance, I have to PROHIBIT my whole team from using this part of your product. 

What's needed is the ability to add an arbitrary set of TAGs to a task.  That way you as a developer don't care what the tag is, you can just filter on it.  Check out THINGS (from CulturedCode... really nice piece of work!) .  https://culturedcode.com/things/

This is the way HUBSPOT should handle priority(or urgency) and importance(meatiness) of tasks.  Use TAGS.  They aren't inherent to the task list, rather, you just allow people to create any set of tags they want.

My set of tags might be:

Low Importance

Medium Importance

High Importance

Not Urgent

Medium Urgent

Very Urgent



Random Ideas

Expense Related





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Another vote for this functionality.

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Totally agreed. Either color tags or we can rate the customers by stars, for example, 5 for hottest, and 1 for coldest will really be helpful. It seems almost a year since the first idea submitted. Hope it may solve in the near future.

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Tasks need a priority level! All task managers have it and Hubspot needs it too!

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completely agree with above recommendations. Our tasks are being lost amongst non important tasks and it's taking time to figure out what's important and what's not

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Me too. Would love to be able to prioritize or even just click and drag the way they are displayed under a heading so I can see my most important task first, second one second...

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How can this possibly not be a standard function in the CRM? I have been trying to figure out how to do it for months and it just isn't there. Task queis are USELESS, as you can't use them to assign tasks to other people. There is no recurring task function, and no way to priortize tasks. This is kind of ridiculous. Task prioritization needs to be added immediately. This idea is over a year old and there is plenty of support on it here. Let's get this moving HubSpot.