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Task Management Automation - e.g. Wipe or reassign tasks for given contact or deal in workflows

Please make it easier to manage the tasks system by making it possible to wipe or reassign tasks associated with a contact or deal as an action in contact/deal workflows.


We create a lot of automated tasks for our sales agents in Hubspot. This includes automated reminders to follow up with leads or opportunities that haven't progressed. Often these build up and agents can have a backlog of hundreds or even thousands of tasks.


If the agents are not really diligent about managing and marking their tasks as complete they end up in a situation where the task list is not actually making it clear what is important to work on next. This means that in turn we need to be watching them carefully. It is creating additional work we don't need. 


This would be massively ameliorated if it were possible to wipe or reassign tasks associated with a contact or deal as an action in contact/deal workflows.


Two scenarios:


1. We decide to reassign 100 leads from one agent to another. 


What happens to the existing tasks for the first agent? They are still sitting there. So now we are asking them to do tasks for a contact they no longer own.  How can we sort this out? We must manually go through all the tasks assigned to that agent and delete the ones associated with the relevant contact.


2. A lead becomes an opportunity - but the agent who owns the contact has not been diligent with their tasks list and still has a bunch of tasks in the system reminding them to qualify the lead


What happens? The tasks sit there incomplete and have to be manually reviewed or deleted. 



In both cases - if it were possible to either delete or reassign tasks associated with a specific contact as an action in a workflow, the task list would be much more under control.


To make this foolproof, I would also suggest an option to only delete/reassign tasks created by workflows, or to do so for every task associated with the contact. 


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This feature needs to be created! There are effortless automation capabilities that benefit Marketing Hub, and lagging capabilities on what benefits the Sales Hub side. Let's make this happen Hubspot👍


Yes this affects growing businesses. I need this.