Task Filters the same as contact filters

It would be great if we could filter our tasks the same as you can filter contacts (more precise filtering) our service team works from tasks - if they were able to filter by multiple users (or teams) overdue tasks it would save a lot of time and neaten up the process - also our automation means some tasks will be set as unasigned, if you could filter by task owner unknown it would assist our service team in allocating these correctly and not missing them

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Current on the tasks list it is possible to filter the list by "all time" or "custom time period". 


It would be a nice feature if I could filter it to "today", "this week" or "this month" so I have a quick way of seeing the tasks I need to focus on today/this week without having to adjust the dates manually.




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Agree. These filters should show all outstanding taks + this week/month as desired.


Also should work as bookmarked URL's so that I can always have it filters on my weeks' tasks when opening the page from a book mark.