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When creating a task, it defaults to being due at 5 pm. There is no way to change the default for this. You need to manually change every task which is time-consuming. There should be an option for default this time to one of your choosing. 

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Apr 28, 2020

Hi HubSpot Community,


Thanks for the thoughtful commentary on this particular idea. We've since changed the default task due time to be 8:00 am. 


We are also working to remove the "Due Time" requirement from tasks altogether. This will make it such that tasks only need a "Due Date" but not a "Due Time". I am changing the status of this idea to Being Reviewed as our team scopes out this work. 


Thank you,


Jan 14, 2019

Sorry to hear about the frustration. One thing I wanted to clarify, it seems there's been a little confusion between what the due date and the reminder date are doing.


For the comment "Who wants to be reminded of the tasks they were supposed to do that day just before they're about to go home"


The reminder date/time is separate from the due date/time. For example, by default the task is set to be due at 5pm, and the reminder to be sent at 8am. In this case, you would be reminded at 8am, not 5pm. 


The idea behind setting the default due date to 5pm was that you give yourself until the typical end of business day before that task is considered overdue. If the time was set to say 8am, as soon as the start of business, your task would be in red and considered overdue. 


At any rate, we've been getting similar feedback from customers in other channels, and we are going to change the default time from 5pm to 8am.


As to having the ability to set a default time, this is something our team can look into. 


Thanks for bringing up your feedback. 

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Colaborador ocasional

Yes to eloyd and all of this.  We should be able to set custom follow-up intervals and set our own default task time in the "create follow up task" function.  I want to be able to use 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc.  It is ridiculous to have to set this on a calendar every single time and would be so much more convenient to be able to (easily, not buried in a settings sub-menu) customize the items on the list.

Nuevo miembro

So dearly needed!

Nuevo miembro

Please please please prioritise - this would help greatly in work flow efficiency

Colaborador habitual

Get used to disappointment.  HubSpot doesn't seem to want to implement any of the minor chnages that would make this platform more productive than a duck with Excel.


Nuevo miembro

Setting sane defaults would be something we could use as well Emoticono feliz

Nuevo miembro

Agreed! Mine's 8am and as much as I'm in favour of getting things done early, I have to change the time EVERY TIME I create a new task. A new default would be great!

Nuevo colaborador

Yep.. would love to be improved. It's a pain to change EVERY task to a different time. 

Colaborador habitual

Get used to disappointment. HubSpot doesn't seem to want to implement any of the minor chnages that would make this platform more productive than a duck with Excel.

Nuevo colaborador

Having the ability to change the default due date time would be ideal. I don't usually start working until 9am and would prefer that as the default time, so having 8am as the default time is annoying. I'm sure everyone has their own preferences for the ideal default time, so having the ability to change it would be an ideal — and much used — feature to add.

Colaborador habitual

This was originally requested on ‎01-02-2019 03:15.  That's more than 9 months ago.  Not a single response from HubSpot folks on this thread.


Get used to disappointment.  They'll never update it.  They'll never make this simple, essential change.  They are too busy trying to get your CRM data in their marketing platform so they can charge you insane fees for sending emails to customers that you can't even integrate back into your CRM.  Hubspot has no incentive to apply even a single line of code updates to their CRM software at this point.


Switch to Excel and save yourself the headaches.


Nuevo colaborador

Would love to have a simple way to change the default from "tomorrw" to how our company decides best... Should be an easy change in the settings...please kee me updated


Example: Change Defautl from "tomrrow" to "your system so you choose the date" kind of situation.


Seems simple from my end but........

Colaborador habitual

It is simple.  But HubSpot gets no money by doing it, so they won't.  


So long, HubSpot.  We're going back to paper and whiteboards because they're more responsive and provide more features!


Experto titular

@blodge @roisinkirby  It would be helpful for those time zones that are known for the default task to set to what their time zones 8 am would be in your timezone.  For example. If the contact is in Hawaii and I am in Eastern time, add 6 hours to the default so it is 2 pm not  8 am. This way we are not wasting time calling before someone is open.   I would skip that task till later. 

Nuevo colaborador

I am another one who would really benefit from at least a company-wide default task due date and default ticket due date.


It appears that since this thread was created, HubSpot's first take on it was that 5pm made more sense because it's the end of the day, and if it were 8:00 am, then these would always be red, or overdue.


It seems that it now defaults to 8:00 am always, which is the exact opposite what they said.


PLEASE can we set a default time. Or can we tell you what our default time is and HubSpot can hard-code this for our company??

Nuevo miembro

Currently, tasks default to 3 days from now and I would like to be able to configure my default setting for the task due date. I personally prefer tomorrow as a default -which was the recent setting until it changed to 3 days from now.

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Get used to disappointment.

-Princess Bride



Nuevo miembro

I have this frustration everyday. I use task reminders a lot and I waste a lot of time changing the default task reminder time from 8am to 10am. It is quite unproductive. A feature to reset the default time for tasks and also for the default time for sequences would be a great addition to the HubSpot toolbox!

Colaborador ocasional

You should also be able to default the "Email reminder" from "The day of" to "No reminder".

Colaborador habitual

WOW! is all I can say after going through this thread looking for a solution or a response.  I can't believe there has been absolutley no reponse from anyone at Hubspot.  This "seemingly" small change that we're all requesting will save us all significant time and patience over the long run, and to get no reponse is really sad.

Nuevo colaborador

Heyo - throwing my vote in the ring here. I, for one, don't come into the office until 10am and occassionally I don't remember to reset the task reminder time so I get it while I'm in the middle of my morning routine. Would like the ability through a master setting, to set the time to an hour of my choosing.