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Task Due Date Time

When creating a task, it defaults to being due at 5 pm. There is no way to change the default for this. You need to manually change every task which is time-consuming. There should be an option for default this time to one of your choosing. 

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This idea seems to be in "Review". Maybe someone here has the same requirement as I have created in this idea, so you're invited to upvote if you think it's a useful idea. 


It's about to use personalization token to set due date of tasks in workflows. 


Here you'll find my proposal / idea:


Would love to see the task due date time-of-day requirement able to be removed entirely or default to a specified time of day (other than the system default).


As an example - In working through deals, the "next activity date" field is automatically cleared once the task default time of 8:00AM is passed, even if the task is not complete.


It is important to be able to call prospects before 8 am when gatekeepers start.


Being able to change the due time in a manually created task would be really helpful, especially when creating tasks associated with booked meetings. There is much more flexibility with the timings of the meetings tool, yet it's not possible to create manual tasks that match the times. 


It would be great to have an option to set up default values ourselves rather than using pre set 3 days and 8am

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I like that I can set a task when sending an email or logging a call and customize the follow up date right away.  However, I would also like to select the time of the follow up task.  My Hubspot defaults to 8am. I don't even start work until 9am so my phone blows up with reminders before I am working (distracting noise), and I deal with offices all over the country.  I would like to select the time based on the timezone they are in so I don't have to worry about calling someone on the west coast before they are up in the morning!


The problem with changing the default due-time to 8am is that people haven't started working by that time. I think a user should be able to set the default due-time. This is very frustrating for my client.


Actually, I would like to keep the ability to set a due time on a task in particular within workflows: that way I can set a task to be due a set number of minutes or hours after a certain workflow executes, which would be very handy for ensuring response time SLAs.


Also agree - It would be helpful if the task "due date" default (now set to 3 business days) can be changed by each user 


I wish we could choose to "follow up in 1 hour" so when we call someone and they're not in now - but returning to the office shortly - we can still have a reminder to call again today


If default task due date can be customized that would be super helpful for our team. Thank you !


Yes please! This would be extremely helpful, I am not in by 5pm therefore this makes it so that I miss all my tasks for the day because I don't get notified of the assignment until I have clocked out. 


that feature is an absolute must, I can't believe Hubspot doesn't allow this flexibility - I spend so much time adjusting each task time... Workflows are great, but not everything falls under them.


Hi there,

Please let the user have the option to determine the default due time for the tasks please. For example, 8 am doesn't work for us at all, most tasks are due by 10 am. I suppose it will vary from sector to sector. Having a quick setting should let us have the freedom to choose ourselves.

Shouldn't be too difficult to implement as loads of other applications there. Changing every task from 8 am to 10am is indeed a tedious task 😞


I'd like to add by trying to describe the steps i take everyday, dozens times a day .
lets say im adding a note to a contact log and checking the box of add a task. there's a 3 working days as defulte (it will be great if we will be able to set our own defult). usually i need to change it so i click on that and a window opens with the options tomorrow, 2 days, 3 etc. but it set to mon-fri and i work sun-thu so i always need to go to custom and its frustrating.
last but not least - lets say i choose tomorrow (or even the defult of 3 days or whatever option there is). its Automatically choose 8am and most of my tasks needs to be comleted a bit later than that. 

i'd appreciate if you add a feature allow us users to define our own working days & hours and default settings since your product is being used worldwide and cross sectors. 


Wow 4 years later and no solution to a simple important ask, is anyone listening at HubSpot. Any have experience with other CRM's


This is definitely a must if Hubspot wants users to use Tasks! Those additional clicks to change e.g. the due time just add a perceived TON of work and it gets very frustrating. 


I hope this is still on someone's radar with Hubspot. I would like to set a default reminder time for my tasks at 5:00 on the due date with no reminder. This should be an available setting for each user. It's a pain to set a task with the automatic follow-up suggestion, then switch screens to go into that task and change it's time/reminder.


Good idea!


100% agree, and you should be able to have it default to not automatically set an email reminder because right now it's just a totally unnecessary step to disable the email reminders for each task.