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When creating a task, it defaults to being due at 5 pm. There is no way to change the default for this. You need to manually change every task which is time-consuming. There should be an option for default this time to one of your choosing. 

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When I schedule a task automatically after an email or a call, it forces me to have 8 am as the follow-up time.


It is not yet possible to customize the default time at which a task would be due - as mentioned, the default is currently set to 8:00 AM for all portals.


It would be great to choose a default time inside my work hours. Like 9 am instead of it always auto choosing 8 am and then manually having to adjust. 

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When I make a call & want to follow up, I create a Task in HS. It would be helpful & save time if the TIME part would auto-default to my current time. So for example, I create a Task and it's 11:30 am. I'd like the time to Auto-populate for 11:30 am.


Another idea on tasks would be to create Custom Tasks (in a dropdown), that I could preset. So, for instance, I select Custom Task ONE and I'd have it preset to call again in 5 working days at the same time. If I select Custom Task TWO, it would be preset to call again in 2 weeks at the same time. I could then click in the task to change day/time manually if desired. This would certainly streamline my task setting processes.

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When we create a task for future, lets say using the options of "In 2 business days" or "In 3 business days" and do NOT set a time on the task, the default time is set to 8:00 am.

The problem this causes is that when you look at the task list on the due date past 8:00 am, the 'Next Activity Date' column does NOT show the date or time but just shows "-".

As a manager, this gives me an impression that the next task has not been created for this contact (lead).

If we can control setting up of the default time and set it to 8:00 pm (say) by default, then the problem would go away.

8:00 am is well before start of our day. Setting it to 8:00 pm which is past our office hours would be just fine as a default.

We understand that we can set an explicit time on the task, but we would prefer not doing it at the time of creating the task. Our workflow is to create the task for a day and not set a time at the time of task creation. On the due date of our tasks, we go plan out the times of each of the task at the start of our day.

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Hey @hka it is not currently possible to change the default Task time. I would reccommend working with your teams to ensure specific task times are met. 

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It would be great if you could set default parameters for the "create a follow up task" in general where you can set a default Name, Task Type and Due Time as needed, or even have templates to choose from for different task types. So when you click "Create a follow up Task" there's a drop down and you can pick a template from there and not have to go back and manually edit everything. 


I find myself avoiding the "Create a Follow Up Task" option because I often have to edit everything about it anyway. 

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Currently when a task is created on the task dashboard, the default time of the task "due date" is sent to 8:00AM. 

It would be great if we could change this default time (ie: to 9:00AM) depending on business needs. 

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Take my upvote, great idea! I need that.

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 Yes it would be great to be able to change this default time to a later time!  8am is not a good time for a reminder.

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Our offices do not open till 9am. Having all my notification reminders come in at 8:00am when I am not even in the office or working is very annoying. Is there still no way to change the default time this tasks are due?

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If I set a task for myself without specifying the due time, the system seems to assume that it is due at 12:00 AM that day. I suggest that the task be considered due by end of day, not the first second of that day. No one sets a task to be due tomorrow and expects to have it done by 12:00 AM.


This impacts our user experience two ways:

  1. I like to start knocking out activities by first tackling any "Overdue" tasks. However, these tasks that are assumed to be due at 12:00 AM are polluting my view of my ACTUAL overdue tasks.
  2. The "Next Activity Date" property on the Contact record shows as "Unknown" if the next activity record is overdue. I want to use this property as a filter for a Contact list view to show me Contacts that are "In Progress" but are missing open tasks/activities to remind me to FUP. However, it is also pulling in Contacts that DO have an open tasks, but are simply overdue.

The only workaround seems to be to set a due time for literally every task/reminder that I set, which is not an ideal user experience. Simply changing the assumed due time to be 11:59 PM will solve this.