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When creating a task, it defaults to being due at 5 pm. There is no way to change the default for this. You need to manually change every task which is time-consuming. There should be an option for default this time to one of your choosing. 

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Glad to see I am not the only one with issues on task times! Task time should be optional- not requiredsimilar to the structure of emailed task alerts.   When it comes to managing ones day, a good rule of thumb would be to allow for the functionality to be turned off or on.  It seems like the team did not put any thought into this and simply made it a requirement.  And the default of 5pm? What an odd time to select for a default! 

Please change this back ASAP if possible.  Thanks!   

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 I agree that task times should be optional, not required. I think it would be nice to have the default time to 12:00 AM. This way a task is due on that day and not a specific time. We don't need all tasks set to 8:00 AM when we are just getting in the office, and especially NOT at 5:00 PM after our day has ended. No default time would be the best option. You should be able to just choose a day and select a time if needed. 

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this change is all back to front, the default needs to be in the morning so at least if you forget to set a time for your task it pops into your inbox first thing (popping into your inbox when you're heading home is crazy!). ability for users to set there default time on tasks wold be a great feature 

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HubSpot Product Team

Sorry to hear about the frustration. One thing I wanted to clarify, it seems there's been a little confusion between what the due date and the reminder date are doing.


For the comment "Who wants to be reminded of the tasks they were supposed to do that day just before they're about to go home"


The reminder date/time is separate from the due date/time. For example, by default the task is set to be due at 5pm, and the reminder to be sent at 8am. In this case, you would be reminded at 8am, not 5pm. 


The idea behind setting the default due date to 5pm was that you give yourself until the typical end of business day before that task is considered overdue. If the time was set to say 8am, as soon as the start of business, your task would be in red and considered overdue. 


At any rate, we've been getting similar feedback from customers in other channels, and we are going to change the default time from 5pm to 8am.


As to having the ability to set a default time, this is something our team can look into. 


Thanks for bringing up your feedback. 

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 This does need to be fixed.  Wasn't the default previously the current time?

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Well, I think Hubspot is listening...and perhaps playing tricks on us.  My tasks are now randomly assigning times of 12:00 am, 8:00 am, and 5:00 pm.  I'll set up tasks throughout the day and they could have any one of these three times assigned to them.  I may set up a task that's assigned 12:00 am, then the next might be 8:00 am, then the next few 5:00 pm.  No logic to it that I can see and seriously annoying.  There is the functionality for them to change the assigned time obviously...my preference would to have no time assigned, and I would assign it myself if I wanted to.  Alternatively, I would vote for 8 or 9 am.  There is likely no way to please everyone, but whatever they do it would be nice for it to be consistent.  

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There other requests for changing the default time for tasks. This because different businesses consider different times to be optimal for reminders. Some businesses want the defailt time to be 8 am, others want 10 am and others want 5 pm.


The main issue is that Hubspot doesnt give the users the option to choose themselves.

My request is that Hubspot gives each user te option to choose their own default times.


Setting of the time on newly created tasks should default to 12:00 AM. When this is done, the time is dropped from the task and ony the date is displayed. Subsequently, if an actual time is needed for an event, meeting, etc, then a tiime can be entered when appropriate. This would clean up a lot of reports and would also indicate those tasks that are time sensisitve.

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Yep. For me it's 8 am and i come into work at 8:30 so as soon as i come in all my tasks for the day show as "overdue" 

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100% this is THE most annoying thing about using Hubspot. How it is that it is marked as 'Solved' and the answer from Hubspot is " I would reccommend working with your teams to ensure specific task times are met." LOL right-o