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When creating a task, it defaults to being due at 5 pm. There is no way to change the default for this. You need to manually change every task which is time-consuming. There should be an option for default this time to one of your choosing. 

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Come on HubSpot...this is a no brainer.  Easy fix for your uber-cool programmers!!!

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Similar issue is over here as well.

Hubspot just doesn't seem to think this is important enough. 


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This is super important and annoying Hubspot! The greatness lies in fixing the details.

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 We would love this! Our sales cycle is very short, so 3 days is even too much for us! Hubspot is great for automation, so I want to make sure that we allowing our team to think as little as possible about everyday tasks so that they can focus on progress and pushing the company forward. Thank you!

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I would love to be able to customize this. Having a defalt that I can set help my team in fewer clicks and makes sure we're all using the same company approved defalt (2 Days)

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This would save me so much time not having to change them every time I set up a task 

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Agreed it would be great to change the default time and it would also be great to allocate the follow-up task to another user. I see this suggestion has been waiting for over a year to happen. Please help Hubspot. Thanks so much!

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 I utilize the overdue task tab for my day to day tracking and the tasks will only show up for that day at 5 pm or later (as a default)

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Don't expect any progress on this.  If you're not one of HubSpot's VC-backed primary users, you're nothing.  No suggestions for what they consider "good enough for free software" have been implemented.  Be thankful they don't charge you for what they give you or else switch to SFDC.  HubSpot is what it is and will always be what it is because they just don't really care about making improvements. 

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We should be able to customize the time, now this is 5 pm and is no longer convenient for me

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Mine changed to 5pm Default. 


Please change back to 8am ASAP. This is not user friendly. 

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The new update has changed the default time for tasks to 5PM- which makes NO sense.  Why would a task be due at the end of the work day?  Why not just default to NO time, and allow the user to add one if they want to specify a time?  

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I agree - 5:00pm is a horrible default time. Please change back to 8:00am. 

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Regardless of there being a way to set your own default time, 5pm is a ridiculous default. Who wants to be reminded of the tasks they were supposed to do that day just before they're about to go home? Unless you start work 5pm this makes no business sense. 
8am was far better than 5pm. 

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Very bizarre and counterintuitive. Like RPD said, why would I want a barrage of tasks hitting me at the end of the day as I am preparing to go home? The 8 am time allowed me to work through my tasks as the day wore on. 


Additionally, why can't we set our own default time for tasks to be scheduled in the settings? 

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This has been buging our team as well - default 17:00 makes "3 business days" effectively 4 days.

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It would be very helpful if default times for tasks were customizable. That extra mouse drag and click every time you set up a task really feels like a needless chore, increasing the amount of time it takes to do my work. Please implement a fix!

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17.00 is the worst time for task setting, and creates more work for me when creating a task. 8.00 wasn't as bad. Please change it back to 08.00 or give me the opportunity to customise it myself in my preferences!

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Hubspot has changed default time to 5 pm now. For my salesteam, it is not very pleasent getting reminders when they are on their way home from work.

Hubspot please, make the default time  open for every customer to decide them selves, or change it back were it was.