Task Creation & Completion date visibility


Tasks are created to followup any customer on right time. However, we need to track when the task was created and when it was completed. So that, we can analyze the performance of tasks with various customers.


Task Creation Date:

Task Completion Date:

Task Due Date:


Also, if we get an option to export or analyze these task creation, due and completion dates - it would be greate to streamline the tasks module for all product verticals.


For example, product 1 has task due of 2 days and product 2 has task due of 7 days. So, if we have the data when the task was created and when it was completed, we can confirm that the proper followup was done for each product.

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We REALLY need this feature- right now it is chaos trying to figure out when a to-do item or task or even a note was created in Hubspot.  


It would be really helpful to see when a task was first created. This would help up to settle ownership of leads. Thanks!


It would be great to have a versioning of tasks - a log per task that keeps track of what happened to it and who did what. Much like the [Session details] of a [Page view] on the Activity view in a Contact.


The goal is as little as tasks as possible, but achieving this is difficult without a deeper knowledge of which tasks keep getting moved forward, which ones are completed without reason, and which tasks keep getting renamed or changed otherwise.


I look forward to the update!

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Yes, this would be very good to have Completion date and Creation date of tasks available in UI and for updating via API.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi HubSpot Community,


Scott here from the product team. I am writing to let you know that a Task Completion Date property was recently added to the tasks object in HubSpot. 


In tasks, if you navigate to More>Completed you will now be able to see the date that specific tasks were completed in the completed tasks table. 


In the report builder, managers can now build reports that leverage the task completion date property. This allows managers to see which reps are completing tasks in a given week.


Thank you,



I really need the abilty to view the time it takes to action a tasks, adding a time stamp would be so beneficial

We are able to report on the time it takes for a deal to move from Creted to Closed won - we should be able to do the same for Tasks




It is not enough to put the task completed date in the task tabs.  We need it in the account/contact activity list.  I need to see when the task was created, when was it due and when did we actually complete it?  Right now, it only shows up as the due date in the activity feed which is irrelevant after the fact.  If the teammate had a task due on 6/1/21 and actually completed it 9/15/21 I need to see this.  We need to be able to easily see for the customer conversation, yes you were due that in June and we actually delivered it in September.  right now this is not easily done on the activity screens.  Create date is a nice to have but the proper placement of the actual completed date is a must-have priority.  Also, should impact the date that it shows up in the activity flow.  Due date is not relevant after it is completed, the actual completed date is when it fits into the activity timeline