Task Creation & Completion date visibility

Tasks are created to followup any customer on right time. However, we need to track when the task was created and when it was completed. So that, we can analyze the performance of tasks with various customers.


Task Creation Date:

Task Completion Date:

Task Due Date:


Also, if we get an option to export or analyze these task creation, due and completion dates - it would be greate to streamline the tasks module for all product verticals.


For example, product 1 has task due of 2 days and product 2 has task due of 7 days. So, if we have the data when the task was created and when it was completed, we can confirm that the proper followup was done for each product.

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Couple of ideas I thought would be great.

Firstly it does not say when a task was created. Say you created a task and in the interm you got a phone call back or an email and you logged it, you might get confused later on why there is still a task or what it is for. If there was a date of when it was created and you see the phone call or email came in after than it becomes all clear!


Secondly when you open an email correspondence on Hubspot to see where you left off, you than have to scroll through the entire email conversation to get to the collapse button in order to close and see activity from before. Keeping the collapse tab at the top will enable you to open, read the latest email and quickly close it without the need to scroll through the lengthy back and forth conversation!

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Love the idea of being able to see when a task was created.  



Helps to keep the sales team honest and provides corporate with some sort of history of the sales reps actions.


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It'd be helpful if you could see the date & time that a task was originally created, like you can see the date & time that properties were updated or notes were added. 

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We would like to have the creation date of a task visible and also being able to sort the tasks according to them. 

Sorting by Due dates make confusions for us while more tasks are standing after each other.

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It would be helpful to show a Due Date and automatically record a Completion Date.


Yes, I am having reps edit the date manually and adding a comment, but this has been a common request from my team.


Thank you! 



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Agreed. It's very helpful to know when a task was created, because that makes it easier to correlate it with other activities that instigated that task creation.

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I would like to view the date that the task was created.

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Second to this would be to see the date and time stamp of when the task is completed

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There isn't currently a 'completed at' timestamp associated with a task type engagements. This would be extremely helpful to know when a task was completed and by whom.


Is there something in the works to add a timestamp to a completed task as well as include which user completed the task?



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Excelent idea. Currently the user can create a task and set the date in the past. If we can see the creation date of the task we can detect cases like this.