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New to HubSpot and still building out our internal work processes and trying to determine the best manner in which to use Sales > Tasks. It seems to me that Sales > Tasks are missing the ability to comment. I was a 10-year salesforce.com user and found the comment functionality on Tasks to be super-efficient to provide timely progress updates or add additional information after Task assignment. Or, if a specific task required multiple steps or a prolonged time period, the comments provided an excellent place for progress updates towards completion.


I see that Sales >Tasks allow me to edit the notes field on the Task, but that doesn't ping the tagged salesperson, sales manager, or required third party with a notification.


Interestingly, I see this exact functionality within Marketing > Projects > Tasks. These Project Tasks work just as I would have hoped. Although, the Project Tasks don't allow a tie/reference to a Contact, Company, or Deal.


So, my question, is there a plan for the comment functionality of Marketing > Projects > Tasks to be incorporated into Sales > Tasks?

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I agree that this functionality is needed. In addition, I would like to be able to add attachments to comments - in this and all other cases. If I create a new note, I can add an attachment. If I comment to a note, I can't add an attachment.

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We also have the same exact need.

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I'm actually confused as to why the tasks would work separately anyway. Tasks should be tasks regardless of the method in which they are created. As a team that uses both, being able to comment on one and not the other is a growing frustration.

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Agreed. Comments on Tasks would help us to facilitate more team collaboration.

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This is crucial for team collaboration on tasks

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It'd be excellent to add a Comment section on Tasks, as you can see not all tasks can be completed in an instant, but there is definitely progress of what has been done, and it's important to add it as a comment so the creator of the task would be aware and updated of how certain task assigned to someone is progressing. Hope you can have this function working asap, thank you!

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Agreed! We also need this functionality really badly. 😫