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We're currently using HubSpot for Twitter posts, but when it comes to Facebook and LinkedIn... We simply can't, and here's why: we need to use language targeting for Facebook, as our fans speak various languages and we don't have the same message for each audience. Same punishment for LinkedIn: we use the audience targeting tool to be more relevant with our social posts.

I assume that it is quite difficult with LinkedIn as their API seems to be have quite a few restrictions (e.g posting images) but Facebook geo-targeting and language tageting features must be available.

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Feb 1, 2021

Hi all,


The social team is currently working on the infrastructure in order to support Linkedin Post Targeting. This feature is on our radar as something we want to build for our users, but have some steps we need to complete first. Thank you for your valued feedback and your patience. 

Aug 17, 2020

@LFerrer understood! To clarify this feature is working as designedbut it has only been created for Facebook. Per my comment above, Linkedin retargeting is on our radar, but we have infrastructure work that needs to be completed as a foundation for this feature. Thank you for your patience!

Aug 17, 2020

@LFerrer Hi Luciano, can you please reach out to our support team with your specific issue, and our engineering team can take a look. Thank you!

Aug 17, 2020

Hi everyone,


Thank you all for your feedback. 


Quick update, our team has Linkedin post targetting on our radar as a feature we want to complete, however, this will not be delivered in the near feature. We are currently working on our code base to be able to support this feature. 


We will keep you posted, and thank you for your patience.

Mar 11, 2020

Currently this feature will only be for Facebook image & text, but we look to expand this to Linkedin. 

Status updated to: Delivered
Mar 11, 2020

Hi all - we have begun to release this functionality to our social users, and hoping to be live to all by next week! If you would like to be ungated early, please fill the form below:

Jun 13, 2019

@eguillard - still in planning. I promise I'll update this thread when we've got a beta for you all to play with!

Status updated to: In Planning
Feb 15, 2019

Hi all! Thanks for all of the feedback on this one. Could you help us build the best feature for you by answering a few quick questions? (It will take you less than 3 minutes and we'll build a better feature because of it)


Jul 10, 2018

Thanks all for the love for this idea. It's on our backlog but I don't have a timeline to share for you.

Status updated to: Idea Submitted
Sep 20, 2017

Jun 2, 2017

Hey @vernierd that's great to hear, please do send all interested parties from your HUG to this thread to vote!

We were unable to migrate votes from UserVoice to this platform, however we did record them and they will be taken into account. I'll see if I can find this number for you - stay tuned!

Jun 2, 2017

Hello @RDJ72 @troelsfeodor @vernierd @Buxert I can confirm that this is a feature both HubSpot's social and localization product teams are evaluating but that at this time HubSpot does not have an ETA / development roadmap. Rest assured this does not mean that HubSpot is declining to build this feature, but that the product teams are in the process of quantifying demand, understanding the use cases / roadblocks / goals of users and determining how this could fit in with the overall roadmap of the Social product. 


The more votes this idea receives the better product management teams are able to quantify demand across HubSpot's user base. I also wanted to let you know that on our previous Ideas Forum this feature had a lot of votes that have also been recorded internally and taken into account. The comments and examples above are incredibly helpful - thank you. 


The status of this idea was previous at 'In Planning' and I sincerely apologise that this was an administrative mistake on my part. I am the process of evaluating how Status labels are used / could be improved - and I would love if you could send me your feedback directly. 'In Planning' means a feature is going to be built within the next quarter (that is not the case for this feature) but I am considering introducing a label e.g. 'Evaluating' that better communicates the status of the feature. 


Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any further questions, concerns or feedback - again I apologise for my previous miscommunication on this thread. 


Thanks all. 

May 4, 2017

Hey @RDJ72 apologies for the delay here, I'm in the process of reaching out to our Product Team for feedback on the above. Stay tuned! Thank you. 

Status updated to: Needs Detail
Apr 27, 2017

Hello @mzimmerman @RDJ72 @Julianagrunwald my apologies for getting back to you late, this is something that is been reviewed by our Product teams. Stay tuned here for an update. Could you please provide details of the languages you are most in need of targeting?

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 This would be awesome! Our clients in particular would love it if we could do location targeting for Facebook. 


Hi @roisinkirby,

We are almost 4 months further now, after the initial post with the request. To be quite honest, I think it is ridiculous that after 4 months of a request backed by several of your customers, there still is not one concrete answer on if, when, and to what extend the social publishing feature will be enhanced. 

Please advice what other route then this - not working - ideas community is available to us to have a proper discussion and feedback from Hubspot. 


Hello - I'd really love to be able to target based on country - it seems almost implied in the requests for languages but I didn't see it specifically called out. Is ggeotargeting also in the proeduct team's plans for social, specifically Twitter and LinkedIn?


This feature is critical for our organisation as well - specifically, the ability to target by cities/states in Australia. Is there at least another tool with this feature that we can integrate or sync into Hubspot?


Hi all,

Agreed, language and Geo targeting on FB is basic social 101. Please advise when completed 🙂 so we can start using your tool.


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HubSpot Product Team



As a new HubSpot client, we are disappointed to find out that language targeting is not a possiblity with the HubSpot Social tool.  We are now forced to buy another tool to handle this important task in any multi-language/multi-country social media strategy...


Hi all, 


today Facebook gives the possibility to post in multiple languages. But at the moment, in Hubspot, this feature is not possible and we publish a post both in English and in Italian (in the same post). It would be great if this feature is implemented in Hubspot.


Is there an update on this functionality? 


Hi  @roisinkirby,


is there any update on this? 






to us it is really important to create one post with different languages.

Since we want to write  the English versions of our post by ourselves, so not all users see a German post and have to click on translate. You´ll never know how good the translation is, thats shown then. If I set up a post directly on Facebook, I can add to the original post another language and Facebook shows  users the post in their language.

We really need that feature in Hubspot aswell, otherwise I can´t use Hubspot anymore to monitor my posts.

Here you cann see the possibilities on Facebook.Screenshot facebook post DE_EN.PNG

HubSpot Product Team

Thanks all for the love for this idea. It's on our backlog but I don't have a timeline to share for you.


Definetly a priority for any agency that operates outside US territory.

Please make it happen!


Also critical for us. Can you please share a timeline for Social Media Targeting?


Just found out that seems now able to provide LinkedIn Targeting for:

  • Geographic location
  • Language
  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Job function
  • Seniority


To me, that looks like LinkedIn opened up its API for targeting.



We are in need of this functionality too. We are a global orgnization with the need to geo-target and post in various languages. It would be a great add from Hubspot as the only tool on the market we can find to do this is Hootsuite - and it's really expensive. It would not only be a good add to the existing platform, but it would fill a niche need too. 

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Also need this functionality for our customers!


Yes! Do this please.... We want this because we have a global account and we want to target our regional facebook users.

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Super relevant idea. Totally neccesary! 


Hi @roisinkirby We would like to post in multiple languages through HubSpot, when will this feature be available?  Thanks