Targeting possibilities for Social Media posting

We're currently using HubSpot for Twitter posts, but when it comes to Facebook and LinkedIn... We simply can't, and here's why: we need to use language targeting for Facebook, as our fans speak various languages and we don't have the same message for each audience. Same punishment for LinkedIn: we use the audience targeting tool to be more relevant with our social posts.

I assume that it is quite difficult with LinkedIn as their API seems to be have quite a few restrictions (e.g posting images) but Facebook geo-targeting and language tageting features must be available.

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Ok @jacquimalis! Thanks for the answer. Hope it will be available for LinkedIn really soon too. 

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Hello, do you have some news about this topic ? We need country targeting for our LinkedIn Company page posts. This is an essential functionality for large companies.  Thank you !

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Any update here?

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Any update ?


Thank you.

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Can't wait to get an update on LinkedIn geo-targeting from HubSpot. 


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Be able to target audiences on LinkedIn would make life much easier! Currently using multiple tools for social, which is not ideal.

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Hello Hubspot,


could you give an explanation why this feature is NOT working, if there are some other tools making this possible?


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Hi everyone,


Thank you all for your feedback. 


Quick update, our team has Linkedin post targetting on our radar as a feature we want to complete, however, this will not be delivered in the near feature. We are currently working on our code base to be able to support this feature. 


We will keep you posted, and thank you for your patience.

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😩ohh no - this feature would be so helpful to us. Hope you can push it further up in the priority list.  

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@LFerrer Hi Luciano, can you please reach out to our support team with your specific issue, and our engineering team can take a look. Thank you!

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Hi @jacquimalis 

This is the answer of the support team:

The Product Team is working to create a feature for LinkedIn post targeting; however, since the feature doesn't already exist there isn't an immediate resolution for your goal. At this time, the best I can recommend is to continue looking at the Community post so that you can see updates about the feature's progress."
This is not helping...
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@LFerrer understood! To clarify this feature is working as designedbut it has only been created for Facebook. Per my comment above, Linkedin retargeting is on our radar, but we have infrastructure work that needs to be completed as a foundation for this feature. Thank you for your patience!