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Targeting possibilities for Social Media posting

We're currently using HubSpot for Twitter posts, but when it comes to Facebook and LinkedIn... We simply can't, and here's why: we need to use language targeting for Facebook, as our fans speak various languages and we don't have the same message for each audience. Same punishment for LinkedIn: we use the audience targeting tool to be more relevant with our social posts.

I assume that it is quite difficult with LinkedIn as their API seems to be have quite a few restrictions (e.g posting images) but Facebook geo-targeting and language tageting features must be available.

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100% bump on this feedback!
This needs to be part of HubSpots social tools ASAP. Working as an agency with a lot of global clients it's almost embarrassing to make them buy an external service (like socialsprout) to be able to do this, and only this, pretty basic feature.


Any news on this?

HubSpot Produkt-Team
HubSpot Produkt-Team
Status atualizado para: In Planning

Hi all! Thanks for all of the feedback on this one. Could you help us build the best feature for you by answering a few quick questions? (It will take you less than 3 minutes and we'll build a better feature because of it) 





Hey, we are having the same trouble here, and it really does not help us ease the process of Social Media campaings.

Can you please tell us where the project is at for now? Is it still in the roadmap?

HubSpot Produkt-Team
HubSpot Produkt-Team

@eguillard - still in planning. I promise I'll update this thread when we've got a beta for you all to play with!


Same here! Without the targeting options in LinkedIn the Social Media tool is unfortunately unseless for us as we have to create different posts for diefferent regions / languages in one LinkedIn account.


Is there a new update about this? We would be very helped as well with this feature! 


We are also needing the targeting options for LinkedIn on a daily basis. Would be great to have them. 


Location targeting besides language targeting is definetly needed!



Any update on this????


@Daria or anyone from HubSpot productteam, any updates on this for roadmap?