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We're currently using HubSpot for Twitter posts, but when it comes to Facebook and LinkedIn... We simply can't, and here's why: we need to use language targeting for Facebook, as our fans speak various languages and we don't have the same message for each audience. Same punishment for LinkedIn: we use the audience targeting tool to be more relevant with our social posts.

I assume that it is quite difficult with LinkedIn as their API seems to be have quite a few restrictions (e.g posting images) but Facebook geo-targeting and language tageting features must be available.

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 This would be awesome! Our clients in particular would love it if we could do location targeting for Facebook. 

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Hi @roisinkirby,

We are almost 4 months further now, after the initial post with the request. To be quite honest, I think it is ridiculous that after 4 months of a request backed by several of your customers, there still is not one concrete answer on if, when, and to what extend the social publishing feature will be enhanced. 

Please advice what other route then this - not working - ideas community is available to us to have a proper discussion and feedback from Hubspot. 

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Hello - I'd really love to be able to target based on country - it seems almost implied in the requests for languages but I didn't see it specifically called out. Is ggeotargeting also in the proeduct team's plans for social, specifically Twitter and LinkedIn?

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This feature is critical for our organisation as well - specifically, the ability to target by cities/states in Australia. Is there at least another tool with this feature that we can integrate or sync into Hubspot?

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Hi all,

Agreed, language and Geo targeting on FB is basic social 101. Please advise when completed Smiley Happy so we can start using your tool.


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As a new HubSpot client, we are disappointed to find out that language targeting is not a possiblity with the HubSpot Social tool.  We are now forced to buy another tool to handle this important task in any multi-language/multi-country social media strategy...

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Hi all, 


today Facebook gives the possibility to post in multiple languages. But at the moment, in Hubspot, this feature is not possible and we publish a post both in English and in Italian (in the same post). It would be great if this feature is implemented in Hubspot.

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Is there an update on this functionality? 

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Hi  @roisinkirby,


is there any update on this?