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Target Deals in Workflows by Deal ID

It would be really nice to be able to target a deal in a contact-based workflow using its Deal ID.


We have contacts that have multiple Deals that are active in the sales pipeline.  We want to follow up on those deals via a marketing email, and have the contact respond by clicking a button. (For example: "I'm still thinking about it" OR "I made other arrangements").  Currently, there isn't a straight forward way to target which Deal to take action on based on the email recipient's response.  If we could identify the Deal by its Deal ID in a contact-based workflow, it would be easy to do:  If the response is "this" then change the Deal Stage of the Deal with Deal ID of "this" to "something else".

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Same problem here! with customers having multiple Deals, it would be great to directly solve problems like the one described from Paul320.


Right now we are updating properties in all associated Deals, just to have all the information we need in one specific Deal. We then use singles Deals-Workflows to update the Deal Stage, so we don't change the wrong one. 

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Need it - OPne contact has multiple deals and we want automations we're **bleep**

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This is a nightmare and it's crazy that this hasn't been considered