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TalentLMS integration

It would be great if TalentLMS and HubSpot would integrate without having to use a third party. 


We are currently using TalentLMS for online training of our customers and partners. The integration with HubSpot would help us:


  • keep our database up-to-date
  • send reminder / invitation / feedback emails to complete the course via HubSpot
  • track the training and course completion in HubSpot
  • send reminders to contact owners for any trigger events
  • add users via HubSpot to new courses / branches / groups
  • save the course certificates automatically in HubSpot Files
  • extend course deadlines via HubSpot
  • use workflows with Trello event triggers

Currently there is an awful lot of manual work for us to make sure e.g. that we keep track of who gets added to the courses, who completed the courses, who needs an extension of their course deadlines, adding their certifications to the right contacts on HubSpot, and sending emails manually to make sure they're sent from their contact owners.


Thank you😊


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YES, is this being considered?  




We use HubSpot for our client information, but also for employee information.  It would be great to be able to track our employee progress all in one place.  We would also like to be able to create reminder alets based on progress and remaining training events in TalentLMS.