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Apparently, I've had this in the wrong place all this time (https://community.hubspot.com/t5/Contacts-Companies-Deals/Tags-for-deals-contacts-companies/m-p/1991...) so I'm finally getting around to posting it here. The "answer" provided in the other forum is not an answer, it is a placation.


We would like to be able to tag a company, contact, or deal (mainly deals). We'd then like to be able to search for entries that do or do not have one or more tags. We can accomplish something similar with different sales pipelines, but here's the use case:


Customer is in the pipeline. Contact says "we'll buy, but not until fourth quarter." 31 days pass. There's no way to push that deal to the side but keep it part of the pipeline for our CR staff to follow up on, since they're supposed to follow-up with any customer that hasn't been contact in 30 days. Sure, they could read the notes and figure it out, but that's time wasted. If we could tag that deal as "Postponed" or something, then they wouldn't even see it in their search results (search for all deals > 30 days contact & not tagged "Postponed").


Tagging would help coordinate things at a user-customizable level without involving HubSpot for assistance. For instance, you could tag contacts, deals, and companies as "Startups" or "Established" or "West Coast" or "East Coast" or "Blue" and "Red" or whatever you want. Having the tags means you can search for things however you want. And report on things that match those tags as well.


Mostly though, we want to be able to tag deals as being "HOT" or "Delayed" :-)

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We need tags as well, so basic but so useful


I don't think a custom property is really a solution to tags. It would be great if proper tagging could be implemented.

Replies that suggest custom fields fundamentally midunderstand the nature of tags, their usefulness and how they are used.

Please add tags HubSpot, browsing this forum for 5 minutes clearly shows multiple requests for this feature dating back well over a year. Many of your competitors support this basic feature, it would be great if you chose to implement it.

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Some of the examples given on the OP could likely be done with custom fields, but in general a Tags capability is desperately needed on Contacts, Companies, and Deals.  This is a competitive gap with other CRM and related applications.

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Totally agree. I'm a new user to Hubspot - and tags would be key. Not sure why this would be so hard for them to implement. You're able to place tag/key words in workflows - it's the same concept.


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This is exactly the functionality we are looking for, to be able to tag different conferences our deals came from, so we can create sequences and easily create lists to send them to. These change too frequently for it to be feasible to do through a standard property, so we want a tagging function that will allow us to apply arbitrary points to recall specific deals based on a common tag at a later time. 


Is this something HubSpot is working on? 

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further to Ed's accepted solution... when you create your custom property, I suggest grouping your tag options into a multiple checkbox... in my case, I've created a property "Waiting For" and I've added a list of hardware prototypes the leads are waiting for ....


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As the OP, I never accepted Ed's "solution."  He forced the acceptance as a HubSpot employee.  I have since unaccepted the solution.



I consider any custom property-based solution to be a parital one, at best, since it must be created, managed, and tracked separately for contacts, deals, companies, etc.


A true tagging system would be global across the platform, allowing the tag applied to a contact to be visible while looking for that contact's deals, and vice versa.


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As a followup, this is a feature already existing with some of the Blog posting functionality, where you can add a tag on the fly or select from a list of those already in use, and then be able to manage that list separately.  Much different UX than trying to manage a custom property field.

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I find it really surprising this is not a basic feature within HubSpot.

Most CRMs have this and really any other productivity tool like an issue tracker, CMS, email has had tags for years.


I was surprised to learn Hubspot doesn't have tags. This seems to be a really fundamental field in any sort of online database now. Tags are different than custom fields: conceptually and in how they work in a database. Please consider implementing them. Thank you.