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Hi, we have a similar request for almost every CMS project: Tag/categorize pages and add tag/category filters to the frontend, so that a user may select tags/categories and gets a list view of pages that match his choice. Tags would also be useful to display related pages based on tag/category. 

Categories with tree structures would even be better, because you could create categories based on totally different attributions, e.g. product categories, different topic categories, business/market segments for filtering content and much more.

The only way that I know how to achieve this is to create the tags in HubDB and create an additional table that contains the page URL and the associated tags. We'd then create filter and list views for the frontend by queying the HubDB via Javascript/node.js.

But for the editor, this means, he/she has to edit this HubDB for every page that he/she wants to tag. It would be way easier if categories/tags would be a native feature of the CMS, so that the user may edit the categories from within the page editor (see example screenshot illustration).


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This is exactly what I am looking for so long.
Hope this gets implemented soon.
I guess it is not the ideal UI-Design, maybe it should have something similar to the rest of the tag fields:



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@FabianRichter Thanks for your feedback. You're right, The UX implementation would probably be better as a tag cloud, but in contrast to the blog tags, I'd strongly suggest to have a hierarchy for the categories, so that you can utilize different dimensions to categorize pages. This way you could use filter navigation to search for results of pages in a list view and you could also build a reference module that lists e.g. cards/teasers for other pages based on a category selection in the module. 
This way you could make a cross-reference between e.g. product pages and case study pages without having to build a HubDB table for cross-referencing.