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Tagging Contact Owners in Call Log Notes

It would be handy to re-enable the ability to tag Contact Owners in call log notes. Otherwise, you have to enter your call notes -- which you had better do accurately before you hit the "save" button, because you cannot edit your note after it's saved ... see my idea post about that here: -- and after you've saved the call log, you have to add a separate note referring back to the log you just saved in order to tag the Contact Owner and alert them to your note.


Adding a note for the sole purpose of tagging another user to refer to separate note on the same record that you just made is STUPID and a WASTE OF TIME


Also, as I mentioned in my other notes post (link above), I know that this functionality existed at some point in the recent past, because I've been able to do it before on mobile. What makes this even more frustrating is that you can tag Contact Owners on call notes on desktop. 


I realize the mobile app has to be paired down functionality-wise from what is available on desktop, but this is such a no-brainer feature. It NEEDS to be re-enabled!