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Tag Slack User when sending Slack notification in Workflows

Use Case: Whenever a new lead comes in, we send that lead to a slack channel for everyone to see. In that slack message, the BDR/SDR is tagged to alert the new lead eg "@JohnDoe has a new Lead". Zapier is currently doing this for me.


What I can't do in Hubspot that I'd like to: Ability to tag the owner/user's slack name within the slack message.  Currently, the options are to send the owner a message, but not tag the owner within the message (screenshot with current options attached).


Value/What this solves: 1-This removes a big reliance on Zapier. I use this feature on all of our new lead and meeting notifications. 2-The @-mention within the message gives visibility to everyone that the message has been sent and the owner is tagged appropriately.


Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 11.51.23 AM.png

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Totally agree! There are so many use-cases for this:


  • Alert on a channel tagging a user whenever one of their tasks becomes overdue
  • Alert on a channel tagging a user whenever the close date of a deal is within one week (or expires)
  • Alert on a channel tagging a user whenever a deal starts rotting
  • etc.

You can set that up with Zapier, but it would be great if that could be done natively via HubSpot.


Totally agree ! This would be so convenient


Did you know you can do this? But you have to use the Slack ID and not the username.


You can find the slack ID by clicking on their profile, clicking the 3 dots next to Edit Status, and then clicking "Copy member ID". This will give you a string like this: U0CD2K6AZ


Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 11.40.05.png


Then in your workflow you need to format it like this: <@U0CD2K6AZ>


You need to start with <@ then the member ID then another >


I tested it and it works.

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Thanks for replying @BEN . The idea is to dynamically tag based on ownership. Your idea is fine for a constant tag, but doesn't work when there's different owners that need tagging. This all can be done through webhooks/zapier, but would rather have Hubspot just implement the ability to dynamically tag users.


Ah, fair point. I set up an if/then branch based on contact owner. Then had the appropriate Slack tag for each owner applied. It works because we only have a few people but would be unwieldy for more.


adding Slack ID as a deal property to deals and using them seems like the only option.