Tag Facebook or LinkedIn pages when bulk uploading social posts


For marketers managing a high volume of social posts, looking to streamline the process of bulk uploading and tagging on Facebook and LinkedIn.


This is currently supported when bulk uploading Twitter posts, most likely because tagging with @ is the native way profiles are referred to on that platform.


However, it would be really great to have a way to format bulk uploads for Facebook and LinkedIn to include the ability to tag pages. Bulk uploads is only part of the process, and there is then still manual work required to go back and insert all tags for Facebook and LinkedIn.


For example, writing a post with "blah blah blah @HubSpotAcademy" works easily for Twitter but will not work for a Facebook or LinkedIn post that is similarly written out as "blah blah blah @hubspot Academy". 


Instead, perhaps bulk upload can understand Facebook and LinkedIn tags based on profile names or IDs. For example, using specific formatting in the CSV/Excel file like "blah blah blah HubSpot Academy ^@thehubspotacademy^" for Facebook will generate the link to https://www.facebook.com/thehubspotacademy while keeping "HubSpot Academy" spelled out in the post. 

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Hi Sabrinaroussel,


does "blah blah blah HubSpot Academy ^@thehubspotacademy^" also works with LinkedIn liked you described it with facebook in the csv/excel sheet?


Thx Frauke


This please!


Yes, please!