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Table reports rendering multiple rows for multiple select field values - Why though??

Data from multiple select fields that have multiple values selected are showing up as individual rows for each value in HubSpot reports. 


For example: a deal with 3 products selected from a multiple select field, is listed 3 times, once for each product selected. 


What's even worse, is when you export to excel, it exports as multiple rows as well. So, say you want to send a pipeline report to the board. You have to consolidate the duplicate rows or the pipeline looks inflated. Or, say, a CEO downloads the report and doesn't know they're duplicated and thinks you have 4x ARR in your pipeline than you do. 


This is bananas. I can't imagine who would want to look at a report this way. Please HubSpot, input multiple select values into a single cell, like a rational human being. 

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I'm the VP of Marketing and this is an outrage - my ops manager told me to say that. In all seriousness, it's ridiculous for HubSpot reports to separate an op into different rows for each product within the same op. It makes all dashboard table views within Hubspot useless and forces us to export, and do some Excel magic to get one op per line with all products listed in one product field. Please go back to how it was!


Yes. This seriously need to be addressed! 


Update: This only happens if you add a sum total to a table report, like sum count of deals or sum of an $ARR field. Why it functions this way is still beyond me, but at least now I can export to excel without having to consolidate duplicates. It still would be nice to be able to add sum totals to table reports without it adding a line for each multiple select value.