System deploy unsubscribe settings

Our sales reps despise including the word "unsubscribe" on their emails, both cold one-to-ones and sequences, and their repeated refusal to use it -- especially on sequences -- has landed us in major spam trouble.  


It'd be great if we could system-deploy the user setting for unsubscribe...


11-1-2019 11-17-08 AM.png well as disallow its removal from sequences while still allowing its removal from one-to-one emails. 


Additionally, as much as we'd love all reps to email from within HubSpot, they love themselves some Outlook. While they log and track emails sent through Outlook in HubSpot, they don't email from HubSpot often. Unsubscribe links aren't applied to Outlook emails. It'd be great if they were. I understand this would involve complex integration work with Outlook, but it's a thought to consider.


I'm sure I'm not the only user who'd benefit from these changes being made, especially those related to system deploying unsubscribe settings. 


Thank you! 

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