Syncing valid emails when sending emails and provide precise numbers

When I send an email newsletter I get a number of 'engaged contacts' of 63,979 the email will be sent to (from a subscriber base of 180k+). Sure enough, when I check how many actually were sent the email, I get a vastly different number off by about 20k? This is very frustrating and it should be sorted out. We need precise numbers.


When I contacted Hubspot support I was given the reasoning that some of the people on that list previously unsubscribed from all subscription types and /or previously hard bounced. Wouldn't they qualify then as "unengaged contacts"? Why are they included in the "engaged" list?




To me, Hubpost should scrub the contact lists automatically and remove anyone who is not engaged (unsubscribed, hard bounced, etc). I'd like to see a precise number of valid recipients when sending an email.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Thanks for your feedback @Miklos, we definitely agree with you here and are hoping to make some meaningful improvements to how this number is calculated inside of the email app this year. Stay tuned, as we have news on this I'll be sure and keep this idea updated.