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Sync with Google Contacts

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I'd love to see 2 way synch to google contacts as an option.
Many apps use google contacts. For example, Evernote app has a business card scan function. Take a picture of a business card and it can add the details to your phone contacts. This can then synch to Google contacts. By just having the ability to sync from google contacts to Hubspot you gain this business card scan functionality.

If a contact has a new email or phone number, I need this on my phone, so a change in Hubspot CRM should be synched to google contacts.

I consider this to be fundamental, and this functionality exists in the Insightly free CRM - I am surprised I couldn't find a request for this (apologies if I have missed it).

HubSpot Updates
April 26, 2021 09:04 AM

I could not be more excited to report that HubSpot's native Google Contacts sync has now shipped!  It is part of the newly launched Operations Hub and is now available to all customers at all tiers of the HubSpot product, including Free (with default field mappings - upgrade to Operations Hub Starter for custom field mappings).




August 11, 2020 07:59 AM

Sorry about that! All set now! Thank you for letting me know. 

In Planning
August 11, 2020 07:44 AM

Hi everyone, 


We are currently working on a HubSpot built integration between HubSpot and Google contacts. We would love to get user feedback on how we are thinking about this integration. Please fill out this form if you are interested in providing feedback to our product team. 


Thank you, 



May 06, 2020 01:14 PM

Hi everyone! I’m Collette, the Product Manager on the App Marketplace team. Thanks for taking the time to post, comment, and upvote this Idea.You can sync your CRM with Google Contacts through PieSync, who recently joined the HubSpot family. A full explanation of how to do so can be found hereWe’re working closely with our PieSync team members to make it even easier for you to connect your systems, so keep an eye out for more exciting features!

July 15, 2019 02:15 PM

Hi @dzunker - as of now, integrating a Google Contacts Sync natively into HubSpot is not on the product roadmap. However, one of our integration partners, Import2 has developed a valuable integration here that I would strongly recommend trying out! 

June 19, 2018 06:37 PM

Thank you to everyone who has commented on this post. I am a member of the HubSpot Product team and am looking to understand how you would use the Google Contacts and HubSpot CRM Sync. 


From the postings thus far - I am seeing 2 trends

1) Data consistency

2) The ability to leverage Google Contacts on Mobile


What are the other uses that you would leverage and prefer from this integration to make this a valuable addition to the HubSpot platform? 

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Contact Sync would be very helpful!


Great Idea! I had this feature on my previous CRM and it's very helpful to have access to contacts everywhere.


Agreed, this is a must-have! 





Google Contacts/HubSpot CRM Sync should be close to the top of the HubSpot CRM new feature list for your Dev Team.  Hubspot "leans" on Gmail for threaded-emails as the feature doesn't exist in their email client (no reason to re-invent the wheel).  To not have Contacts Auto-Sync seems an oversight.  

Is this being worked on?  

How soon can we get this?  

How do we see the top-requested-feature list? 


This feature seems essential to me too !

Hope it will be available soon. 🙂


I would really love to see this feature implemented. I found myself in this situation a few times and exporting and importing csv files is not ideal.


This feature would save our company a lot of time


I realized that Zapier has an integration of its own. But I am surprised there is not a native sync for Google contacts. 


It's a very simple thing they could integrate. Chances are they are leaving room for integration companies to sell their products. PieSync works very well, but yeah it's pretty unnecessary to make us pay for those services when we shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a product that claims to be the best. It's so good, but they can't figure out contact syncing. Riiiiiight 😛


Hubspotlove, I agree with you 200% They're not doing an integration module just because they'll get kickbacks from integration companies for referrals to let them do that. Any of their IT staff could write the programing script to work with the google api in their sleep. 


 Out-of-the-box synch with Google contacts is base-level functionality.  Please add.


Ditto. Surely a given 🙂


 This would be a total productivity boost.  It would be an invaluable feature for G-suite users.


I'm starting to evaluate hubspot CRM and I'm shocked that it doesn't automatically sync with Google contacts. This is a deal breaker for me. I'll return every few months to check if the hubspot guys have got this sorted...




Please add. Make Life Easy.




I think this is an important feature to have as well. 

In todays world of mobile use and email, we need our contacts wherever we go. I text a lot with my clients and its important for me to make sure I get the right name. 

The sync feature would save me a lot of time. Sync Hubpost to gmail, gmail to my phone. 



Yes, I would like to see such intimate integration with Google Contacts like Prosperworks.