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I'd love to see 2 way synch to google contacts as an option.
Many apps use google contacts. For example, Evernote app has a business card scan function. Take a picture of a business card and it can add the details to your phone contacts. This can then synch to Google contacts. By just having the ability to sync from google contacts to Hubspot you gain this business card scan functionality.

If a contact has a new email or phone number, I need this on my phone, so a change in Hubspot CRM should be synched to google contacts.

I consider this to be fundamental, and this functionality exists in the Insightly free CRM - I am surprised I couldn't find a request for this (apologies if I have missed it).

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I need Sync contact between Hubspot and Google Contact 

This is  a must-have functionality

I don't understand why Hubspot don't implement this sync

This is the MAIN reason why we don't use Hubspot (but we would like to !!)




Just joined hubspot and completely surprised that this functionality is not available. Ugh, this is definitely a down-side to this product, especially since we are IOS users and therefore don't have a hubspot mobile integration (which is another feature that would really be helpful). I really don't want to have to enter in contacts in two places.


This may be a reason to switch to another provider now before we are too far into using this product. Please update with whether this feature is on the roadmap and timeline. I feel like there are other CRMs that have this functionality.


Thanks! Rachel


Hi Rachel,

Yes, I'm totally frustated with Hubspot. 

Thats's a great service but there are a 2 missing functionnalities

- no data sync with Google contact

- no dedicated Gmail extension





Hi Eric,

Yeah, I am considering other options. I am starting a trial with Salesforce this week and will also be looking into others. Hate to switch but the silence from hubspot on this thread is telling.

Good luck!


THE DREAM is a centralised database of all your contracts and updated information about those contact, when they are changed in any linked SOCIAL account. Been looking for years and now that i've started using Hubspot, it makes sense to be "the hub". You already pull in other info and all you need to have is the ability to connect, input, sync:


- Linkedin profile

- Facebook profile

- Instagram profile

- Twitter profile

- Personal email, telephone info

- Work email, telephone info


The above info about a contact is hygene and for great relationships building, I communicate on multiple of those platforms and as its people we are dealing with, they may move companies but the relationships live on. 


There will be isues around which info becomes the primary info, but thats where the user can chose to merge, keep both, keep one bit of info. 


I could export and upload all contacts from every platform and upload them to hubspot, but this doesnt keep the contacts "live" and everyday they become slighly out of date, hence why a SYNCED solution is truly the dream.


How can we make this dream a reality?




I migrated from Nimble CRM to Hubspot because of the functionality on automations that we could plug into our sales cycle with mailchimp but the lack of a two way sync with Google Contacts (and indeed Linkedin / Facebook and other social formats that Nimble provides) seems like a massive oversight to me, given the importance of social media and digital marketing to the sales cycle, moving to the point where traditional email may become redundant, or at least not the only channel. Hubspot is the best that I've come across for much but in this it's not as good as the others so I would b eworking on this as a priority if I were in the dev team. Piesync has two way sync for Nimble and Google contacts


I really need this too.  Any update on getting this onto the HubSpot roadmap?


I was waiting a lot for this functionality. But in the end I started use to do that.

I make zap as below.It's working great as for today.

For initializaing I use when contact gets MQL or Oportunity (by Contact Became MQL / Oportunity).






The idea was only posted 3 years ago guys. They need more time 😂😂😂😂😂

Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone! I’m Collette, the Product Manager on the App Marketplace team. Thanks for taking the time to post, comment, and upvote this Idea.You can sync your CRM with Google Contacts through PieSync, who recently joined the HubSpot family. A full explanation of how to do so can be found hereWe’re working closely with our PieSync team members to make it even easier for you to connect your systems, so keep an eye out for more exciting features!

Really .. That is your solution .. A monthly subscription model to maintain contacts in sync in a CRM system ? LOL On a Mores serious note ... Are you guys VC / PE owned ... ?? I ask cause of the idiotic pricing decisions / mechanisims normally germinate there

Ah... this was supposed to be great news until I saw it was a 15-day trial... With just merely 5 records max a week on average, you want to charge for this? Can there be some kind of tiered plan, with free usage for low usage users like myself and many others.


It would also great thousands of new contacts from the gmail accounts to hubspot. 🙂

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone, 


We are currently working on a HubSpot built integration between HubSpot and Google contacts. We would love to get user feedback on how we are thinking about this integration. Please fill out this form if you are interested in providing feedback to our product team. 


Thank you, 




@brandy_asplundh the form is not available


Capture.JPGThe form can't be filled in by users that are not employees of Hubspot

HubSpot Product Team

Sorry about that! All set now! Thank you for letting me know. 


Hi Brandy,

Thanks for looking into this further. I have already responded to the form.

Warm regards,



this is the only reason we use insightly. don't really care about google per se but i want my CRM contacts to behave on our phones like any other contact - calling or texting to/from we can see who they are. this is the only reason we use google contacts - it's effectively a workaround which works reasonably well in insightly .


How long will it take before it will be ready?