Sync to HubSpot - stop duplications on sends/opens/click


Currently, if you have the Salesforce integration switched toggled to ON, the information it flows into the contact level of the Salesforce record is EVERY action that client took.  I.e. if a client reads an email three times (and I believe the email just showing on the display pane in Outlook counts as an open), and clicks the same link multiple times, it duplicates that action in their Salesforce record.   Showing all this duplicative info creates a lot of extra noise and takes up a lot of unnecessary extra space in the Salesforce record which is annoying for Sales people.   
This idea is proposing an option to have the toggle to ON, (because that information transparency is very valuable), but with the option of ONLY unique data.

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Makes perfect sense Laura.

You hasve a huge thumbs up from me.


Yes! This would be very valuable!

To add to that, I would think a roll up of all the actions taken in one line on one email would be the best outcome as we want to know all the engagment but the duplication drowns out the usefulness.