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Sync tax on Quote to "Tax rate" in Stripe payment reports

Currently the tax rate amount on Quotes isn't being reflected in the "Tax rate" field when exporting Stripe payment reports. So it'll be great if it can be automatically fed into this corresponding field on Stripe's end! 


The usage of the Stripe integration becomes extremely limited if the tax that is applied in the quote does not go into the respective Stripe field for taxes when pulling a payment report in Stripe. That means an accounting team would have to go through each and every quote and deduct the taxes manually.

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Yes 100%!




This would be super useful to us. We have most of our sales users in India and billing happens through our India entity. But we have 1 sales user in Singapore and billing for sales made by this user happens through our Singapore entity. It's great that quotes now support multiple currencies, but would be great to be able to collect payments in respective country bank accounts.


This issue seems to go even further that the manual work to figure out sales tax for an amount billed.

If you use quote to bill clients on a recurring basis with sales tax,  because of this flaw, the sales tax won't stick for any future invoice, only the first one. In other words, the end user has to go through the stripe subscriptions and update them all manually to add sales tax on future invoices. It is pretty crazy that this was missed, and not addressed since first reported in November. 


Many hubspot users may be using quote and the integration without knowing this is going, and hence failing to collect sales tax.


I would lable this idea a bug rather than a feature add.. and one that would probably take a couple of hours to fix.


This is more of a bug than an idea because they let you enter a tax, and that tax isn't transferring correctly. Hubspot does not track TAX correctly in stripe so when I sync to Quickbooks, the TAX isn't recognised as tax. Hubspot just needs to submit the correct data to stripe for this to be fixed. Right now they submit the tax as a product instead of a tax so stripe doesn't assign it correctly.


I have contacted stripe for a solution and they said Hubspot just need to submit the tax correctly. Seems ridiculous that it's been almost 2 years and there's still an issue such as this for a paid product.


this is yet another issue with the Stripe integration.

I just reported also the fact that since recently (1 month or so), payment info (credit card details) do not get saved in Stripe after a quote is paid in Hubspot. After speaking with Stripe, it has to do with Hubspot not using the new correct parameters to instruct Stripe to save the payment method for future payments. So subsequent payments would require a client to re enter their card details when they receive the Stripe invoice.

I just flagged this to Hubspot today and hopefully it gets fixed...


A year later... tax management is still not corrected.

@AYoung6 - I got the same answer from a Stripe representative. Very annoying, it seems like a *small* correction in the integration would be so tremendously helpful for all the Hubspot clients collecting taxes on their quotes!


2 weeks later... Still not fixed.


Yes it's crazy, We actually stopped using HubSpot partly because of this. Seems like such an easy fix but costs users so much in time and headaches