Sync required fields for creating contacts, companies, and deals between desktop and mobile app

As per this article, we can set required fields for creating a contact, company, or deal in HubSpot via a desktop computer. It would be very helpful to have the fields set as required also transfer to the mobile app, so that any new contacts, companies, or deals created from the mobile app will also have the same required fields. Thank you!

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This would be extremely helpful - also that the order they are shown in can be determined - job title isn't the most important thing for us, and HubSpot defaults keep it at the top right after name & email.

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This would be extremely helpful. A lot of our contacts are added in the field at events where no one wants to lug around a laptop. Onboarding prospects needs to be quick and systemized so that we can talk to more

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Yes - let's please make this happen - quickly. When companies have new staff we should be able to add them directly within the app usign the right contact or company properties. Also - for Android you still can't see or add contacts within company which is rather unproductive - for an Iphone it works - many thanks

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It would also be great if we could make fields required when adding new contacts via the sidebar (Sidekick module) in the email integration. I would like to see the same required fields that are set in a portal to be required when adding new contacts from this method as well in order to help with data integrity long term.




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I agree with Kateyln. It is a data clean up nightmare that our users are able to create a contact profile without the required fields. The sames restrictions you would have on the browser is something that should be universal throughout all modalities from the mobile app to the outlook extension. Let's all be serious here and understand that more than half of companies sales workforce teams are mobile more than 50% of the time. 

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This is an absolutely critical feature. Not sure how it was overlooked for the mobile app. Our deals are put through a more strict process on the desktop version of HubSpot but now reps can bypass the required fields on the mobile app. It really renders the feature uselss. 


Hope there's a fix soon. 

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Please please make the app and desktop synced.... we are really struggling with creating a contact on the mobile app.

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Definitely need this! Our sales team are on the road and mainly use Hubspot on their mobile phones. 

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We'd love this too!

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Jeez this is such a basic principle that we shouldn't need to log this as an idea, but rather an issue!

@HubSpot, any update on when this is getting implemented?