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Sync property values between Contact, Company and Deal Records

Would love the ability from within at least the Sales side of things to automatically map/populate Deal Properties from a Contact's properties. We came over from Salesforce where this could be done in conversion, and this is definitely an area we miss having & would make life MUCH smoother for our staff upon creating deals.

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December 16, 2021 06:48 AM

@ClemOaky you're correct - we're in the process of backfilling those values for the deal and company object. When that happens, that should get us much closer to being able to solve the issue the author raised.

February 18, 2020 06:51 AM

Hi Community!

CJ from the Product Design team at HubSpot.

We are beginning to plan how to best solve the problem of syncing property values between object records in HubSpot to meet the needs of our customers. 

We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on how we can improve your experience.

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I strongly support this idea.


We cannot do essential things like requiring a company property to be filled out before being able to move a deal to a certain stage. Same goes for the way that workflows currently work, we are simply unable to get certain information into a workflow since it's stored in say a company property and we are running a deal workflow. 


We've built a product that aids in syncing properties across records in HubSpot -


@Dedupely  that sounds amazing, but even your highest tier could be an issue for a company our size.


I'd love for HubSpot to support this natively, especially for Enterprise. 

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Hubspot it has been about 3 years since this request was published. Any update on when/if it will be available?


The fact that whole companies have built products specifically to solve this and are able to charge up to 160$ for it kinda proves our point and illustrates there is a real lack here, right? Please Hubspot, let's make this happen.


@ClemOaky Question to you (and all here). What would you actually pay to have this problem solved in the meantime while waiting for it to come to HubSpot? We're still trying to figure out pricing for this, so none of this is set in stone yet. 

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@Dedupely I wouldn't. We solve it by creating workflows that do it in Hubspot, it is just a pain to do it.


It is definitely a must. I already left the corresponding feedback in the form.
I hope we have this feature soon !!!


We achieve this by creating workflows to copy the required information from company, to contact, to deal etc. 


Pre-requisites - Property on Contact, Deal and Company must match


Workflow 1 

If Contact Property X is known, copy value to Company Property X


Workflow 2

If Contact Property X is known. copy value to Deal Property X


This means anything you put in a contact property will sync across company and Deal, works for us and you can tweak it how you like, of course. 


@Hybrice1 that works until someone decides to input it on the company or deal level instead.

I think Hubspot has some measures in place so you can create the reverse workflows as well and they won't loop, but it still isn't as good as having a property that just syncs no matter what.


Either sync data or allow contact views to use properties stored in related company and deal records.

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Hi folks!

Our product is currently exploring how to solve the problem of syncing property values between object records in HubSpot.

You can help us out by leaving your thoughts and feedback 
on this survey here!


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Thanks @JoeMayall  I just filled out your form with more details. I have a current project I'm working on where this is needed. 

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Would love to see this working soon. Now my company needs to have a lot of workflows just to pass data from one object to another.




@JoeMayall Hey Joe, any update regarding progress here? 
We too would like contact propertites to sync to deal properties automatically (once mapped). 


Thanks 🙂


Hi @JoeMayall and @charronmatthews , almost one year after the first survey was sent out. 

Any update about this for us to start 2021 with a smile 😊


I think a great option would be to give users the option to choose which properties they would like to sync across which records - this would allow for the flexibility in situations where this might not be the necessary course of action, but would solve the matter for so many of us that need this functionality. Maybe even make it one of the company default settings for properties.


Implementation of this idea would be extremely helpful for our business if we could also sync properties between Contacts and Companies (and not just one way, but both ways). Right now, our sales reps have to manually type in all of this data (e.g., address, phone number, etc.) when adding new contacts and companies, and unfortunately, it's very cumbersome. Right now, we have a large database of contacts that are missing associated companies and vice versa, which is likely due to the fact that it's too time-consuming to add in that information each time.


Also, we don't like the idea of using workflows as a solution because it's a bit messy and we don't actually want to sync properties all the time. We just want the option to sync properties when we need it.


This is EXTREMELY important to my 93 salespeople who don't like having to duplicate work and information. Being able to sync/share info between contacts and companies will go a LONG way in speeding up the adoption of the use of the CRM!