Sync property values between Contact, Company and Deal Records

Would love the ability from within at least the Sales side of things to automatically map/populate Deal Properties from a Contact's properties. We came over from Salesforce where this could be done in conversion, and this is definitely an area we miss having & would make life MUCH smoother for our staff upon creating deals.

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 Is there any update on this idea from Hubspot?

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Agree. Urgently needed.

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I used to have our team track Lifecycle Stage, Company Type, and Lead Status and have just had them quit tracking Lifecycle Stage and Company type due to the fact it takes so long and there are so many steps to update contacts and companies. Needs to be taken care of!

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I like that workflows can be created to populate fields. However, I dislike that workflows are only centered around contacts. Workflows should be multifunctional for external and internal communication. Or there should be some feature that allows workflow creation. that say if field A in Deal 1 is "Hello" then copy "Hello" in Field A of Company or Contact 1. 


It has to work both ways. 

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Syncing properties would be great. I'm also thinking in the context of email personalization. For instance the date of a demo. When moving a deal into the demo stage, you could require the demo date field. That get's synced with the contact and could be included in emails to the contact. I see the challenge here as multiple contacts can be associated with a deal and multiple deals can be associated with a Contact. How do you control which contacts or which deal property syncs?

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We solved this issue.


We were able to connect and pass Contact Properties to Deal Properties via a Webhook attached to a workflow.


You would need some programming support and the ContactVid and also the DealID to do this properly. In addition, there needs to be a Trigger via a Workflow when the Deal becomes a Lead or at a certain stage in the Pipeline to trigger the connection.

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I would really like to be able to view a Contact's phone number and email while working in their Deal record. Right now it only displays their email. Is it possible to customize that section on the Deal Record so that I don't have to keep clicking back and forth between Deals and Contacts just to grab a phone number? It is easy to customize the 'About' section, but I couldn't figure out how to customize the 'Contact' section.



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I'll add my voice to this. The ability to copy deal properties just like contact and company properties would solve my week-long struggle to find a workaround. 

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The various comments in this thread have covered both directions of updates. I agree with all of the above.  My big pain point right now is I need to be able to update a custom contact property, when a deal is closed won, depending on which pipeline the deal is saved in.  For example - 

We have the default Sales pipeline, as well as an onboarding pipeline, client succes, major accounts, key accounts, etc.  On contact records, in addition to HubSpot Owner, we have Sales Owner, Onboarding Manager, and Client Success Manager.  Need to be sure the relevant ownership on the contact record aligns with the most recent saved deal, which requires that either we adminstratively do it manually (there are other properties we also have to update for our measurement purposes), or  - - dream - - we be able to copy / populate values to the contact & / or company from the deal record.


(Separate but similarly frustrating is the inability to select deal data for export with contact lists built on the Marketing product)



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We have a need for information to be visible within the contact and the deal - for example, we gather information about our prospects throughout their journey and it is captured in the contact properties. As soon as it is a deal, we use the deal record for communication and management moving forward - the information already gathered has to be added again when the deal is created. For example, if we have a buyer with a realtor or lender, those property fields are definied under contacts and deals, but no way to map to each other - so our team spends too much time on data entry. Once known, the system should allow us to have shared fields, either through mapping, or the ability to have a field setup as a contact/deal property that is visible in the about section in either location as desired by management.


This needs to be fixed within HubSpot - not by requiring a webhook and technical support team to implement...