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Sync property values between Contact, Company and Deal Records

Would love the ability from within at least the Sales side of things to automatically map/populate Deal Properties from a Contact's properties. We came over from Salesforce where this could be done in conversion, and this is definitely an area we miss having & would make life MUCH smoother for our staff upon creating deals.

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By not syncing the data to/from contacts,  companies and deals there is too much time wasted on duplicate data entry and therefore users are more likely not to enter the information in all places.   This is inefficient and when users don't enter the info in both HS becomes less effective as a tool.

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@bsbullock - This thread throws people off a little.  You can copy data using workflows if you have pro or above.  


Please let me know if you need help doing this.

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It's by no means a true solution, as HubSpot is really WAYYYYYYY behind on this critical feature (no excuse), but I spent 6 hours with HubSopt team to create a true workaround, which includes 3 total Workflows to allow for cross-syncronization between two objects (contacts and companies, in this case) for each property set that needs to be synced. Woudl it be helpful to anyone to see how the workflows are constructed?


@warrendavey  and @edmund Workflows are merely a work-around and aren't efficient for the sales team. The sales team should be able input data one time, copy if need be to a second, associated record.


Sometimes the info must flow contact to company, sometimes company to contact. If you build workflows both ways, it can become confusing. Also, not ALL information needs to be copied and with workflows you can't set up WHICH specific properties copy for which specific records.

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This thread is for the topic regarding "two-way synchronization" of matching properties  between two different objects (like Contacts and Companies). If your doing any other "one-way synchronization" then that will always be a custom use case, and Workflows are all you need. My workaround for the "two-way synchronization" would be for the people on this thread that want to accomplish that, since that is the missing feature this thread discusses

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@mktgqueen - I kindly disagree with the statement that this can't be done with workflows.


I do it all the time.


You can specify which items need to be copied based on the record itself.  For example:


If you needed the company "employee size" property to be copied to ONLY deals that have the employee field empty or that are at a certain point in their stage or because the Deal type was marked as existing you can make that distinction.


Once a deal is closed you can choose to pull information back up when and only if the field is empty or because it is a new deal it can override the existing data to be the updated data OR you can create calculations that only sum the data to the company when a deal is closed.


Basically, by using the proper triggers and decision trees you can delineate anything whether it goes up or down. Sometimes you have to create additional hidden fields or calculations, but it works great!


Now, where it doesn't copy currently is a roll-up a summation to parent accounts for child records. We solved this with webhooks and custom development for the time being.


@mktgqueen - If I can ask, bring me your problem and I will create a solution in a dev org for you and send you a video. I love challenges that seem to be unsolvable.


This is a great idea! 

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(Above I realized I was logged into the wrong account and did not see a comment delete button 🙂 )

Someone has probably said this in the numerous comments but adding custom objects to the list to sync to would be helpful as well!

We have a custom object for referral partners and the only way to get "partner name" on reports in our sales dashboard is to have several workflows that copy partner name into a separate deal, contact, company property called "partner name," even though the partner object is attached to all three of those records. And the workflows still have issues with re-enrollment that I am trying to solve which support says is not possible. If syncing properties across objects was possible I would not need numerous workflows or have to deal with re-enrollment limitations on this custom object.


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Quite frankly, it is crazy that properties can't be synced or shared.  This should be a top priority.


Also agree that workflows are not the answer to this unfortunately as enrollment triggers are incomplete and often require you to create multiple fields sometimes just to kick off a workflow. By the time you sync data across the records you have 3x workflows than probably was necessary. Would be great to have these able to sync!


This would be extremley convenient. Or at lest to show "recent deals"  pop up or asterisk on the company contacts pane on the right hand side




This thread goes back to 2017 where a Hubspot monitor stated this is a project for which they are gathering requirements.  That must be some requiremnts doc because there does not seem to be any action taken.  (Snark!)


I have the same issue.  For boring reasons, we use some custom properties.  Cloning them is an easy way to create them for different object types.  But, the work flow to keep them in sync is totally manual and easy to forget.  Also, maybe a CRM expert can help me, but why can't some of these objects be "universal"?  So that they can be assigned to any Group for any Object type. (Is that crazy??)


EX: Custom Object = "Referral Partner".  For us, that is as relevant for Contact, Company, and Deal.  

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I found this thread when looking for a solution so I'm guessing Hubspot haven't provided an update yet!  As mentioned by everyone already, the ability to pull company and contact fields through to deal records is really important.  We are trying to create a smooth deal process that validates important data from the Company record.  We don't want to have to double up on creating a lot of custom fields again in the deal record just to map data through that already exists on the company/contact info.


Any update on this, please?


@JoeMayall , could you please give an update on this? 


Strongly considering moving to Salesforce if this is not fixed soon 😞


Need this yesterday. Can't believe it isn't already functional. Can't believe you've been talking about it since 2017 without any action!


@JLane02 exactly what is needed.

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@ClemOaky - HubSpot made a minor addition to workflows that helps eliminate this problem of copying data back and forth. You can build a simple workflow now that copies data from Company to Contact and vice versa. This can also work to keep that data up to date in case of information changes on one or the other. Ping me and I will have my developer send you a Vidyard explaining if you need more info. I'm a former 10-year admin with Salesforce and would love to solve your problem.


I've built the workflows you are referencing @warrendavey. They are cumbersome, to say the least, but you're right. They are a workaround until someone pays attention to this thread from 2017. Creating a universal property that could be used in companies, contacts, and deals would be perfection.


Hi all, 

I have looked through this thread and others, and also chatted with Hubspot support and have been told that what I'm trying to do isn't possible which seems so odd because it is so simple. 

Essentially, I need to copy company properties onto deals. I've created workflows to copy a few fields (postal code, number of employees) onto the company's associated deals. The first one worked great. However, the workflows only triggered on the first deal. 

Re-enrollment don't give me the option to re-enroll a company each time a new deal is created. Support has told me this isn't possible. 

Is there a workaround for this? I'm fairly new to workflows and this seems like something that should be so simple but I'm really struggling.