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Sync property values between Contact, Company and Deal Records

Would love the ability from within at least the Sales side of things to automatically map/populate Deal Properties from a Contact's properties. We came over from Salesforce where this could be done in conversion, and this is definitely an area we miss having & would make life MUCH smoother for our staff upon creating deals.

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Any updates on this HubSpot?




Wow, 9 pages of comments and still nothing...?


Chiming in. I've had to set up workflows to copy/paste fields across Contacts/Companies (same as with deals) which is fine, but unnecessarily complex. I'm used to Salesforce's built-in property syncing. The use case for us is that different team functions work out of different objects. In marketing, I'm always looking at contact records while sales are always looking at company records. 


It's hard to beleive that you need to make a lot of workflows with different enrollments settings in order just to map simple fields that other CRMs (like SF) allow by default within Contacts/Leads/Deals/Companies.


When this option going to be to Beta at least?


Hubspot has good Marketing tools, but not enough standard features as CRM for sales.


Seeing this post dates back to 2017 and still no update is a bit disappointing...

Feels like a very basic, necessary functionality for so many businesses. 


I am looking to set up a two-way sync between Deals and contacts. There should be a way to create one global field that is shared across Companies, Contacts, and Deals such as:

  • Referred by
  • Owner

As well as other custom properties. This will ensure data integrity and improve ease of use.


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Similar comment from myself... viewing contacts by Companies. All related Contacts are pulled in automatically by enabling 

'Automatically create and associate companies with contacts.' - great it works well, however, if you want to add a new contact to an existing company via that screen, you have to complete all the separate fields to the new contact about the existing company!
It would be fabulous for HubSpot to enhance the functionality/add to the development that if there is an existing company in the portal, when you want to add a new contact to that existing company, that the details are pre-populated to the new contact fields, adding an even better user experience, saving so much time.
Taking it one step even further, if the company had multiple locations, adding a drop-down on the fields to choose from!


Come on HubSpot, I know you want to 🙂

Thank you - Alison


New to CRM in general, and HubSpot in particular (so, no prior experience with SF or others) - and just days into spinning things up, and I'm concerned that this feature request, which is already high on my list (we have a case opened just today trying to actually accomplish this), is 2 years old with 9 pages of comments, and no resolution.


It has me wondering if we made a mistake going with HubSpot...



To solve this, I had to create 45+ workflows... A sync would solve all of this


Chiming in to mention that the "Tickets" platform suffers from the exact same issue, where ticket-specific properties do not contain either the "Associated Contact" or the "Associated Company" properties that are actually visible in the table view.

This means automation/workflows from tickets triggers actually can't access who created the ticket in the first place...

The only alternative is to build workflows as other mentionned, to copy contact info over a new Ticket property, but the trigger has to be specific to the way the ticket got created by the contact, so I would need a workflow for email/chat/form which is really suboptimal.

It feels like cross-element property access should be something if a sync doesn't exist...

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I've wasted easily 50+ hours a year on creating a series of 1-3 complicated workflows to synce data between a Contact property and a Company property. Life is precious, life is short!


There simply needs to be a way for a user to easily choose which properties they wish to be synced bi-directionally between two objects.


Please help save countless hours of HubSpot user's lives, and add a basic feature to do so.


Maybe another tab on Properties settings page, with ability to add a property syncronization set???


Hi all,

Found a comfy way - might be thanks to the new update - but you can simply *clone* the property from a company to a contact or deal, which allows for consistency between fields.
This then allows for simple *copying* of the field properties - meaning one workflow, that's it.

Hope this helps, I know this little trick saved me a lot of time (and the creation of numerous workflows)

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Cloning a property helps, but then you still need to make multiple workflows for every property sync, one to sync from Company to Contact if there's a change, and another for copying from Contact to Company if there's a change.


Yes it's far from perfect and it's not a glowing review of Hubspot or the update - it's more a "we're all in the same boat, here's something helpful"


@Steph2304I might have missed the details of this feature. Is it different from copying properties from companies to contacts in a workflow? 


Yes please!!!!! You should have the choice to sync between contact, company and deal instead of always setting up workflows. Whu is this still not available? It's online since 2017... And more than 500 upvotes

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Hi Community!

CJ from the Product Design team at HubSpot.

We are beginning to plan how to best solve the problem of syncing property values between object records in HubSpot to meet the needs of our customers. 

We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on how we can improve your experience.

Take the survey here!


Upvoting this idea. Really need the ability to sync property values between object records. I've written 50+ workflows to try to get around this, only now to find out that my Company values can only copy over to 1 Associated Deal and not ALL Associated Deals.... even the work around is not a solution.


We really need this asap. We can't use Hubspot any longer if this is not available... It's so much work to keep everything in sync because the lack of this soo needed feature. Can't believe it takes so long and that it was not there before


This would be very valuable. I have set up an automation in Deals to send an internal email and I can't add any company or contact names so the only idenitify point on first glance is the deal name and I really don't want this to be really long.


I also tried creating an external email to send to internal contacts so I can incorporate all the information but it would only allow to send to all contacts connected to the deal and not just internal contacts. 


I'm now setting up extra fields and workflows to copy the information across. This would be far easier if I could just select it from a picklist.


Food for thought. 

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Still no update?