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Sync property values between Contact, Company and Deal Records

Would love the ability from within at least the Sales side of things to automatically map/populate Deal Properties from a Contact's properties. We came over from Salesforce where this could be done in conversion, and this is definitely an area we miss having & would make life MUCH smoother for our staff upon creating deals.

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This needs to be resolved without the need of a programmer or developer. Hubspot claims the fame is its ease of use. If a marketing personal can't do it, then it is not easy enough.


This is an improvement that we need very much as well. Our key struggle is asking Sales people to fill in the same information on 3 different levels (contacts, companies and deals). 


If these 3 areas would be synced, we could filter 'deals' based on 'company' properties and that would help us to avoid creating mutliple properties that need to be updated manually.  Also, we could use 'contact properties' to filter deals which would be very beneficial as well. 


Also, it would really help if we could force these properties on a 'update stage properties' as well. Currently we are only able to add deal stages there, but if companies would be synced, we could add company properties which would allow us to profile our prospects better throughout the sales process. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 12.22.46.pngWhat is the latest update from Hubspot, is this something that will be developed? 


Is it me or can't this be done through 'workflows' already? 


@EdgarCerecerez can you share your example? Love to use it if you have solved it through workflows.


With Workflows we could sync Deals fields to Contacts fields if it a Dropdown Field. 


We couldn't sync single-line text fields from Deals fields to Contacts fields


We also couldn't sync either of them (single-line text or dropdowns) from Contacts fields to Deals fields until we created external webhooks that were triggered by a field.


@EdgarCerecerez - Were you able to find a solution via Workflows to sync the fields in both Directions. We had to write webhooks to complete this process and I would rather do everything via Workflows.


Especially when passing deals on from meeting setter to closer (which HubSpot somehow does a **bleep** job of supporting, even though they use a similar sales process...), this is huge. Meeting setter doesn't need contact notifications about page views when someone else is working the deal. 


Instead of relying on ownership, what about subscribing? Anyone who 'follows' a deal, contact, company gets notifications. That supports multiple users, and is more reflective of the processes people actually use, including HubSpot. 


Any update on this feature request. This feature would be very helpful. It would save a bunch of time updating custom properties on contacts/companies/deals


In addition to my previous comment, I second @Merit's suggestion. 


We need to be able to require certain contact fields have been completed in the discovery process, prior to creating a deal.

I'm toying with some ideas for how to do this in a workflow, but it's not optimal, and would result in having to create a 'placeholder' deals stage with none of the deal entry requirements.


This is such an important requirement for us - please give us an update Hubspot? 

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Another thing that I just found out (which seems to be a bug..) is that even when a contact is associated with a company, the company will not be associated with the deal when the contact is.

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@gil1001 for us, that is not a bug, we are not B2B and that is something we worked to change for a long time.


Agree with jnix284 re: @gil1001's comment - not a bug; a company can be easily tagged on a deal activity or associated to a deal. We don't need an automatic / forced association. We are B2B, but also have many franchise-type clients who are often operating independent of a corporate / hq arrangement.  But to the point of the original request here, absolutely need the ability to share properties between companies, contacts, and deals in workflows!


We could really use this functionality too!

Our particular problem which this would solve: We have custom lead source fields on a contact record (because you can't change the default Hubspot ones) and these fields are duplicated on the deal record so that we can attribute things like deal value to the appropriate marketing channel and salespeople.

Currently, our team have to manually copy the data in these fields, which is a pain in itself and prone to mistakes, but to make matters worse, when you create a new deal from a contact record page, the form slides out from the side of the screen and  blurs everything behind it, meaning that if you haven't memorised what the contents of the field was on the contact record, you have to either leave the fields blank on the deal record and go back to fill them in after creating the deal, or you have to cancel the process and start again once you've made a mental note of what the data is you need to copy across.


The result is that the fields just get filled with the salesperson's best guess, and our data is meaningless.


This would be so valuable for us as well. We manage activities at the contact (as 1:1 relationship at that level and 1:n at the deal level). We can't currently see which of our leads by value, deal stage &  deal amount have or have not been contacted ina  given time period, or when their next activity is (by those same values).



The ability to copy a field from Company to Deal should be allowed. I have a deal review with my region and am struggling to find a way to show all the deals in a specific region without manually updating our 500+ deals. There's clearly a need to copy details from a Company to a Deal. 

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In short, one use case for temporarily copying deal info into a contact record of an associated contact is so that internal notifications can be sent to the Contact Owner about the contact and that contains essential deal info (e.g., Deal Name, Deal Amount, and a link to the deal). This email functionality isn't currently available within HubSpot emails unless the deal data can be pulled from its temporary storage place -- i.e., in the associated contact record.

(see image)



While having these minimal essentials in a single email may only 'save a few clicks', those clicks add up for increasingly mobile sales teams who often need to quickly prioritize while juggling many tasks at a time.


Additionally, our ability to send deal intelligence to the field in whatever form they like is an added bonus that contributes to more rapid user adoption of our tool (HubSpot).


Hope that helps.





@MFrankJohnson - stellar description and suggestions! This really is needed!


The copy feature is one we use alot but we really miss being able to update deals with relevant information that we gathered on Company or Contact level.


Our sellers would like the feature to later be able to filter deals according to say country, city etc. A copy function to use when a deal is created then would be great!


MFJ Labs has it right on the money - I need to be able to look at deals by source so that I can easily generate revenue reports based on a custom lead source property so that I can show my ROI and pipeline.

At the moment our sales reps will have to go through and update each deal with the custom properties we need to filter by. 


Hubspot have got to be updating this soon! Pretty please 🙂


How come this is still just an idea?

Seems like it should definitely be implemented 😮😊

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