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Sync contacts with iphone contacts

I am trying to get Hubspot contact information into my phone as Apple contacts, so that when someone calls in, I know who it is.  So far, I haven't found a way to do it.  If you export contacts from Hubspot to Google, all of the phone numbers come across as notes, so not in the correct field.  This makes it unusable if you then sync Apple contacts with Google.  Anyone out there with the same issue?  

HubSpot Updates
May 31, 2021 06:05 AM

Very excited to announce that HubSpot's native iCloud sync  has now shipped!  It is part of the newly launched Operations Hub and is now available to all customers at all tiers of the HubSpot product, including Free (with default field mappings - upgrade to Operations Hub Starter for custom field mappings).

Not Currently Planned
February 11, 2021 03:49 AM

Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment on this thread. We're not planning to build a feature to sync HubSpot contacts to the iPhone contact book, becuase there are two better solutions available:


  1. HubSpot Caller ID allows you to see who is calling your iPhone or Android phone without needing to sync contacts.
  2. PieSync offers two-way sync between HubSpot contacts and iCloud contacts.

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Also looking for an answer to this.  Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


After speaking with online support, it turns out there is no way to sync Hubspot with iCal and/or iCloud contacts. This seems like a necessary feature for this type of software, and the support agent was unable to answer why they haven't integrated Hubspot with iCloud. I've created a Hubspot account, however, it is very unlikely that I will use this software in it's current state... I really hope they build this capability in because this small group of users can't be the only people with this problem.


I just started using Hubspot and was facing the same problem. So far I haven't found any other solution, but to manually enter the contact details both in Hubspot and my iphone address book. This is a major disappointment! I'd really appreciate any other advice people might have!

I hope Hubspot develops the import / export support for vCards, soon. Seems like a very basic functionality to me, that any CRM should have.


Agreed. This is completely essential. We purchased a full package and it's really a shame syncing contacts to mobile device can't be done without an external app.


Yes, please!!!  I call from the Hubspot app on my phone and then when they call me back, it only shows a number, not a person or company!!!  manually adding them to my iphone contacts is really time consuming.


Agree. Must have.


Following on this thread!


Agreed this will be a valuable feature!


Must have! Not just iPhone, but Android as well.


It did really surprise me that this isn't a feature. It is a must-have 


I recently heard of this API connector btwn Hubspot & O365:


I have not tried it so can't speak to it's effectiveness or ease of use.


I am looking for a solution to this. I’m surprised that such an important feature is not available. 


I was so impressed by HubSpot that the lack of this simple thing surprised me a lot! How can you work in a mobile world when you cannot see who is calling you?

Also, there might be moments with really bad or no connection but you need to know the contact details...

You have to integrate this quickly!!


Pipedrive has it, also surprised Hubspot doesn't. I used zapier to take a new contact input into hubspot and create a google contact, which syncs with my iphone via mail app. Messy solution, but a solution nonetheless. 


Yesterday, I have been informed by Hubspot and users that the contacts are always available offline in the App as well as in Outlook when you are offline. You do not see activities, deals, etc. but you can write emails and make calls.

A very important feature seems to be brand new: Caller ID via the App on the mobile! So you know who is calling, a very important feature for us.

So there is no need to push contacts to the phone, everything can go through the App!


I just found this product, seems to be solving this problem: Hope it helps someone!



PieSync would do this but honestly $49/month is way to much money, this should be a feature of Hubspot


Hi guys,

i know that's not the same but I found a simple solution using zapier and it works really well.1.png2.png



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Great idea to add to the iphone app 🙂

Also supporting this initiative, a lot cannot be achieved only with offline app contacts such as WhatsApp message - must required feature.