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Sync all/multiple related accounts/companies with Salesforce automatic sync

We sync contacts and companies via the Salesforce integration app.

We noticed that HubSpot contacts that also exist in Salesforce and have multiple related companies, don't have multiple linked HubSpot companies. 


Is this something that will be picked up in the future? The CRM associations improvement will be released on April 18th:






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@thomasvbe hi there! The multiple companies per contact association feature is live in some accounts at this point. But, they do not yet accommodate the HubSpot Salesforce integration for multiple associations in Salesforce. The best way to do this as of now is either API or Custom Code in Ops Hub.

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I need this functionality as well.  Seems like a pretty important piece to not address pre-release now that it is out of beta.  @LaurenKennedy have you solved this for any clients yet?  I'd love to hear or work with you on it for my project. 


I was considering leverageing data fields and workflows

  • SF store secondary & tieriary companies in a contact object field
  • Use a workflow to associate additional companies. 

Anyway, any additional insights would be fantastic.


Hi @LaurenKennedy 


How would you solve it with custom code? Talk with the Salesforce API?



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@thomasvbe @jschroeffel hi! I'd look at passing this through on the contact object. 


  1. Ensure Salesforce Account ID is syncing to companies in HubSpot
  2. Create a Flow in Salesforce to collect all Salesforce Account IDs & store them in a text field on the Contact object (I know - not great)
  3. Sync the text field with HubSpot
  4. Use a HubSpot workflow to enroll/re-enroll contacts when that field is 'known'
  5. Use a custom code action to look up HubSpot companies matching on the Salesforce Account ID, retrieve the HubSpot Company ID, and create the association.
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Thanks!  This is what I was thinking, although I was hoping to try to just use a workflow for #5, but i had a feeling some custom code would be involved. I'll let you know how it goes.


Thank you @LaurenKennedy for the workaround! Will be using that until the Salesforce integration can handle this.