Sync Tasks with Calendar (Google/Outlook)

When I schedule a task (eg call) I'd like a check box to show the task in Google Calendar (like meetings, but without mailing the contact).  

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Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
Apr 24, 2020

Hi folks,


At this time there are no plans to implement this Idea.  I’d like to stress that “Not Currently Planned” does not mean HubSpot will never build this feature, just that it is not on our current roadmap. We reevaluate Ideas every so often, so please feel free to upvote and leave feedback on this thread.


I understand this answer may be disappointing to some of you, but HubSpot believes in transparency whenever possible.




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Re: Show tasks in Google Calendar - changed to: Idea Submitted
Jul 10, 2019

Hi all,


Scott from the product team here. Just want to surface my previous comment (from April 2019).


At this time, we are focused on baseline improvements to tasks that are required before we can successfully build the calendar integration described. That said, we certainly see the value in showing tasks in google calendar and will update this issue when we shift our focus towards solving this problem. 


If you’re interested in chatting with us about how you’d expect this sync to work or if you’d like to be kept up to date as we begin work on this feature, please fill out this form.




Re: Show tasks in Google Calendar - changed to: Idea Submitted
Apr 9, 2019

Hi all - Scott from the product team here to provide a quick update. This is absolutely a must-have, and we appreciate all the feedback you’ve shared to help validate that for our team.


That said, it’s going to take some time for us to make the changes required to support this integration. As a first step, we’ve restructured our product and engineering teams. Today, we have an entire team focused on improving the sales rep experience -- cutting out those added steps and inefficiencies many of you have laid out in this thread. One of the first things this team has prioritized is the baseline improvements to tasks that are required before we can successfully build the calendar integration described.


If you’re interested in chatting with us about how you’d expect this sync to work or if you’d like to be kept up to date as we begin work on this feature, please fill out this form.

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We really need Tasks to integrate with something.  Either a calendar entry in Outlook when due, or sync up with Microsoft ToDo app (which then syncs automatically with Outlook tasks).  This is a must have feature!

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I came across this thread by accident but we are working on a tool to sync your tasks and calendar into an agenda so you can plan your day and share your agenda with your team. We are planning to include hubspot tasks as well as others, anyone here willing to join our beta program? 

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Hi jahson01,


Sure, I've stopped using HubSpot because of issues like this, I'd be happy to give it a go.



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I've actually already built an app to do this very thing (Syncing a Task created in HubSpot with Google or Outlook Calendar). If you dont mind, check us out at and see if it may fit your needs. I've also posted the HubSpot Marketplace listing below.


  • We do currently support syncing to both, Google and Outlook Calendar. 
  • Updates made to calendar events will also sync back to their associated HubSpot Tasks.
  • You can also invite your HubSpot team to join your CalendarSplice team as well.

I'd appreciate anyone who can sign up and try it out. There is a 14 day trial period.

Any questions or feedback is appreciated as well.

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I am shocked that with all the features of hubspot and the integrations of all your tools into one place, we can't get a way to integrate tasks/ calendars feature.   Meetings are great it sends it over.   But what about tasks.   I cloud, outlook , google, all can sync tasks.   I am stunned that I have to go to outside tasks, and outside calendar to get this done.  What is the point of having to create your tasks in file or say even tickets if it cannot be put on your calendar without having to do it 2 times.   If you had a hubspot calendar that I can add to my phone calendar, please let me know .    I want to be able to look at my watch and see my next task on my calendar.    with my carplay , I want to be able to have my appointments as I travel show up so I can get my next directions with the click of a button or through voice, like every other system does.    The tasks on here are very nice, easy to do and assign quickly , but without the sync, you basically have to do everytihng 2 times.  making this very costly with your time. 

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Any movement on this item progressing to the roadmap?


Thanks so much,



Hi there, 

I am also interested in being kept in touch when it's released. 




It would be a great feature. We will be very happy to see this as an added functionality.

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Hello? How is this not already a feature?

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Hello Everyone,


We built a tool that will help you harmonize your tasks in HubSpot, outlook, GCal, and other tools. We love to get your feedback so send me a message if you would like to provide feedback on this tool. You can also find out more @

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When I follow up with a client OR prospect I need it in MY CALENDAR. TASKS ARE USELESS....


when i used other crm's this was a BASIC feature... no TASKS- only CALENDAR EVENTs/

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Wow nine pages of comments and no reply from HubSpot and no interest. That speaks volumes....

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I would really like Hubspot to also sync my google tasks, just like it sync my emails from gmail.

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This is very much on the "Needs to be Implamented list" for my uses. 

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Hey wonderful people.

I understand this problem is frustrating at times. I've experienced it, and you're experiencing it. So I created CalendarSplice to bridge this gap between your tasks in HubSpot and your calendars. Not only do we sync your tasks automatically, but we also give you insights into when and why a task did or did not sync through our new Sync Audits feature. We're always striving to improve our software, so we'd really appreciate it if you gave us a try. All feedback is appreciated.

Here is the HubSpot Marketplace link


Best wishes!

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Agree with the 100% Or even find a way to integrate Google Tasks to Hubspot. We live and breathe with our calendars nowadays so getting more info integrated into the calendar would be amazing! It would also be nice to be able to create a google calendar specific for Hubspot Tasks. Assign the task to a specific GCal from Hubspot. 

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This is a great idea! I'd love to see that as well! 

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@JoeMayall any updates on this? Our Company just had a call today were multiple reps haven't been using the task tool correctly because we mainly focus on our Gcal - any way to allow for google tasks to sync with hubspot?

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Pretty dumb to ignore your users for years... This is a MUCH NEEDED function.