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Sync Tasks with Calendar (Google/Outlook)

When I schedule a task (eg call) I'd like a check box to show the task in Google Calendar (like meetings, but without mailing the contact).  

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Please add me to the beta.


Rachel Galeski

HubSpot Product Team

Hello HubSpot Community,


Syncing Tasks to Calendar is now available to all sales hub starter, professional, and enterprise customers. Please feel free to DM me if you have questions or feedback on Syncing Tasks to Calendar. We are always looking for ways to improve the platform for you. 


Check out this article for help getting started:


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Can you plesae explain how this is done?

How do you sync tasks with Calendar now that this feature is available?

Thank you Gordon and the Hubspot Team.

If I understood correctly, the user will have to create a subcalendar in Outllook, in order to be able to sync Hubspot's tasks.

This, I believe, is a bit less automatic syncing as I hoped it would be.

Nonetheless, I think that the best way to deal with and sync Outlook objects, would be from within Outlook with a Proprietary Hubspot button for each object (mail, contact, meeting) enabling the user to press and associate it with whatever Hubspot table/record/field he desires.

Thanks anyway for listening and bettering Hubspot


HubSpot Product Team
Hello Dimitris,

You are correct. Today the feature works on a sub-calendar. We did this to
avoid overwhelming our customer's main calendar. Thank you for providing
feedback. We will continue to look for ways to improve this capability.

Have a great day!


Boa Tarde

Utilizo Mac e Iphone, sendo assim uso mail e ical.
Ao agendar uma tarefa dentro de um contato e com horario, não aparece em meu calendario, fui muito bem atendido pelo suporte Patricia e gostaria de sugeris esta integração bem como o app para MAC.



Having tasks integrate with Google calendar has been great HOWEVER, when re-assigning a task to someone else, it still reflects in my calendar. Having this updated is desperately needed. 




I am a user of Sales Starter Hub.


When automating a task on my pipeline, and having synced tasks with my calendar (hurray, major update!!!), the due-date of the task will appear on my calendar either inmediately or on a specific future day as xxx days & hours since the automated process is triggered by a deal update.


Is there any way I could set as the future due-date the "closing date" of the deal? 


This would let me see all my deals in my google calendar 😀😀😀.


My company sells services that must be delivered on every closing date, so this is really improtant for all the value chain.


Here some pictures that (I hope?) clarify what I´m saying.


Screenshot 2021-10-20 121751.jpg


Screenshot 2021-10-20 122112.jpg


Screenshot 2021-10-20 122348.jpg


Screenshot 2021-10-20 122512.jpg

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We still need this to be 2 way though! 


Hey all. I'm glad many teams have been able to benefit by the recent development of this integration by HubSpot. However, there still seems to be some specifics needs others are having, such as two-way syncing. My app, CalendarSplice, has done this since it's initial creation and will continue to be improved, so long as there are more needs in the community for improvements around this integration.


Right now, with CalendarSplice you can

- sync tasks to and from your calendar

- configure what extra crm data you want added to the calendar event, such as information on deals or contacts

- create simple workflows around when we sync data to your calendar

- track when we sync data as well as see when we're unable to and, in many instances, why we were unable to

- reassign your tasks in HubSpot, and be sure that they'll be reflected on the calendar of the newly assigned team member

- any many more features


If there are any other use-cases / desired features around this integration, please reach out to us here:

I'd love to hear more about your needs.






It would be amazing to have the option to choose between your main Outlook calendar or a subcalendar when syncing your tasks. My team does not find the subcalendar useful at all since it won't block their day for them. Hence, prospects being able to schedule meetings with them on their own via the Meetings link becomes useless or flawed.