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Sync Tasks with Calendar (Google/Outlook)

When I schedule a task (eg call) I'd like a check box to show the task in Google Calendar (like meetings, but without mailing the contact).  


I am too waiting this to be implemented. It's annoying to go to contact and shedule an event for a gig when creating a task for gig is made easy in the sales dashboard. Please Hubspot makers: Addind future task's to goolge calendar is needed.


We would like this option too. Our inside sales people need to schedule an outside sales appointment onsite so need the scheduling option as well as integration with Google calendar. I'm interested in a third party option if it's available.


I assumed this would have been part of it, I got pretty heavily sold on the idea of the calendar integration. The fact that leads and clients can schedule meetings with me based on my schedule. But if tasks don't show up in calendar, what is the point of scheduling a task to call Lead 1 at 10am when lead 2 can schedule a meeting at 10am on the same day?


Is there a way to integrate tasks with the calendar? - Ease of scheduling and organising calls was one of the main points in the sales pitch so I'm pretty disappointed with the functionality, are there any updates in this?


Seems like a lot of folks have the same question


I have now Used the Schedule meeting. The name anooys because it should be a Event and event occuring in calendar. This event can be a venue, meeting, happening and so on. The name Meeting is just a bit confusing. How ever, the attached image does not get uploaded to google, this annoys me, as the party event has flyer image and currently I need to go to google calendar to add the image separately.


Also I am starting to like the sheduling because Task do not fit into Sold Deal or contact tree. How ever when I go to the Deal and there sheldule meeting or task it appears on the Deal associated events tree.


I would say this feature would add value for my firm as well. With the great social media and task scheduling feature in HubSpot, adding a URL feature to add to my Google Calendar would be much appreciated. 



I would also like to add my vote to include automated Task scheduling as part of the Google Calendar integration. 


Alternatley, a single unified calendar housed within HubSpot that could be subscribed to via iCal would be extremely useful for my particular use-case.


yes! that would be a great feature!


We are used to plan our day with task and meetings with pipedrive. Now wit hubspot, I don't have my task synced with me and I alwas have to check the hubspot list and the calendar with. Please make us a christmas present!


I can't believe this is not integrated.  A major limitation of the software- should be an easy fix.

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High time!!


Please implement this feature request.




I really need this feature.  And I'm sure many others do as well.  Of course we need to be able to set a time for tasks and have them scheduled in our calendars!  I have just started using Hubspot.  And this issue came up within about 30 minutes of syncing my Google Calendar with Hubspot.  I am thinking about finding and using another CRM to get around this serious drawback.


I would like to see this go in both directions. If I'm assigned tasks in HubSpot, I'd like to be able to import those into Outlook, which has much more robust reminder features.


I can't believe they do not have this basic feature. Insightly certainly does.


Very important feature, please Hubspot Team - when is this feature planed??


I agree, although I'd like to request Outlook integration rather than Google please!





I Agree.  I have 25 calls I just finished setting up for tomorrow morning in Tasks, leaving 45 min open between 10 and 10:45 for a calendared call). If someone books a call tonight using my "meeting" link (in templates) before or after that call, which is available on my calendar, my entire day will be thrown off. 


But I don't want to discorage someone from booking a call --- can I get a pop-up if they book at a time I have a Task scedule sine I would presumably be on HubSpot at that time. 


Also, can you customaize the Task times or at least make it :15 min incriments. 


We are evaluating CRMs including HubSpot (just 2 days in...)


Wish list:

- Task to google calendar sync

- adding multiple contacts to a deal (same company, service providers, advisors etc)

- probably more to come....hopefully not 😉


New development is not very fast. Low number of new functionality past months.

the best feature is that it is integrated with marketing, otherwise i shouldgo for much richer tools like pipedrive.


A thousand upvotes. I think it is rediculous that hubspot enables tasks, but that it does not enable tasks to be integrated with the tool people actually use to manage their daily tasks or schedule.. there should be an integration for google calendar, icalendar, todoist, asana, trello, any and all tools that use / track tasks. Even a one way integration would be better than none! But especially google calendar. This should be a feature without a doubt.