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Sync Tasks with Calendar (Google/Outlook)

When I schedule a task (eg call) I'd like a check box to show the task in Google Calendar (like meetings, but without mailing the contact).  

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I think this goes hand-in-had with the ability to create future EVENTS from inside hubspot's contact/deal/company page and sync them to google calendar:


Link to idea: Add google calendar events from contact view


Add the option to create google calendar events from inside hubspot's contact/company/deal/ticket pages.



Hubspot only has Tasks, not events. Tasks are only good for things like "take out the milk" or "finish this project"

But they are not good for things with set times and planning:

- do X activity from 10:00 to 12:00

- call customer at 11:00

- spend 4 hours answering support


That is why, for these types of activities, we use calendar events with a set start and end time.


  • Once planned, no customer (or team member) will schedule an event for a time already scheduled for something else;
  • No more snowball effects: event have a set time to happen. If they don't happen, they have to be re-scheduled (to a new and available time slot);
  • Tasks could even be converted into events: It is a task while it is 'open', but it is solved through an event. Example: "task to fix code" -> converts into -> "spent 3 hours fixing code".

Why not use Tasks?
With tasks, this does not work. If I set a task to be finished on friday, customers can still schedule meetings with me during my whole friday. Even collegues can set meetings or activities. It is even possible to assing 100 tasks for the same person for the same day. This makes no sense at all and creates "snowball effects" where users have loads of tasks past their due date that simply start piling up.


Current workaround:

At the moment, we create google calendar events for these activities and we manually add a link to the hubspot contact/company/deal/ticket in google. This works, but is a lot of manual work. It would be much easier to be able to do this from within hubspot.

And since hubspot already has a calendar integration for meetings, this integration is already halfway done. 

Link to idea: Add google calendar events from contact view


Just throwing my voice in that not being able link tasks to my Google Calendar is a major stumbling block to our continued use of HubSpot.  I'm astounded by this oversight, frankly.


Love to know what you worked out please. 



Bitrix 24 - We would have continued to use Hubspot but our small team cannot figure out how to get the csv file to upload correctly. The system is just not intuitive and feels like the system was designed without front end user interface testing.  It upload buts skips the company names. Weve tried but just cannot get it to work. 


If you enter the data manually it work but we have hundreds of contacts so its much to time consuming. We are slowly removing data and notes until we get Bitrix up and running.


I would like to add my name to the list of people requesting this feature. One additional feature I haven't seen mentioned.


If a task is not completed by the due date, it automatically rolls to the next work day on the calendar. This would be fantastic and would keep the timeline accurate when it is completed.


Thank you!

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@erikblues Could you not use the Projects tool in HubSpot to manage this?

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@richardwalsh , The hubspot projects tool is tasks, not events. It wasn’t created for things that require a set time and schedule.

It can’t be used for other things. example:
- next week, on Monday, I’ll spend 4 hours developing a new module. Please mark this time as busy and don’t allow any other meetings with my team or thought the meetings tool

It’s the classic difference between events and tasks.
Events are things that have a scheduled time and date: “be at the doctor at 10:00.”
Events can't overlap, and the time has to be set to busy.

Tasks, on the other hand, are things that don’t have set times. Things like “buy milk before Friday”. You can solve that at any time, it just has to be done before a set due date.

Does that make sense?

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@erikblues Got it.

Was purely offering an alternative, but now I see more of what you are looking for.


From what I'm gathering, you're looking for more of a project manager suite vs marketing & sales suite. But it would be great if HubSpot could put something like this together for an all-in-one.


We've written a custom integration for ClickUp, that adds a section to the contact record in HubSpot that does allow for more of what you're looking for. And it blocks out our calendars as well. Maybe it's time we push it to market for mass use.


Has anyone tried simply using 'schedule meeting' as their 'tasks'. Simply remove the attendee/ persons name so they dont get an invite.


The only issues I can see are;

  • Conflicts if you are using the calendar for your availability
  • Assigning to someone
  • Queue

Hubspot - I am not sue why 'task' and 'meet' are 2 separate items.


Surely it would be cleaner to use 'Task' as the GUI, and then use the code from 'Meet' so that evey 'task' is  treated as an event (iCal format). Then users can decide whether to add it to (any) calendar.  Much like the Gmail integration for tracking and logging emails.


Also - It is not too complex to allow permissions for 2 calendars.


I am 100% onboard with @erikblues suggestion to be able to create EVENTS - with a set start and end time, that syncs to google calendar.


Tasks: are todo items that can be done any time, before a due date e.g. "renew domain names before 1 may 2019".

Events: can only happen during a certain time slow, and book your time out as busy e.g. "interview Bob 09:00-11:00 1 may 2019".


Adding the EVENTS capability, that syncs to google calendar as above, would be incredibly useful!


I am looking for a tool that enables you to view tasks in a calendar view month by month. For example, a feature beyond Due today and Due this week which provide me insight on how many tasks I've already have schedule for that day to avoid over scheduling.


Yes! This would be an EXTREMELY helpful integration within my marketing department at my organization! 


Some of our sales team are asking for this, too.
Would be great!

I'm looking for exactly the same solution. Could you you please share it.


yes, please


The follow up on this idea is taking quite some time now. 

Any updates on this idea @Team Hubspot?


Would have huge value. Have upvoted this.

The Logic: Create Google Calendar Event WHEN Hubspot CRM Task Created


Hey all,


I've fleshed out the whole problem here. Light pseudocode and all:


Hey all,


Really fleshed out the idea here:

Hoping that Hubspot takes this suggestion seriously. There is major value to be had for Hubspot, it's Zapier/ partner, and inevitably us end users!

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all,


Scott from the product team here. Just want to surface my previous comment (from April 2019).


At this time, we are focused on baseline improvements to tasks that are required before we can successfully build the calendar integration described. That said, we certainly see the value in showing tasks in google calendar and will update this issue when we shift our focus towards solving this problem. 


If you’re interested in chatting with us about how you’d expect this sync to work or if you’d like to be kept up to date as we begin work on this feature, please fill out this form.