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Sync Tasks with Calendar (Google/Outlook)

When I schedule a task (eg call) I'd like a check box to show the task in Google Calendar (like meetings, but without mailing the contact).  

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We are evaluating CRMs including HubSpot (just 4 days in...)
Wish list:
- Task to google calendar sync
- adding multiple contacts to a deal (same company, service providers, advisors etc)
- set repeating tasks (daily, weekly etc)
- repeat task once completed (when call is made setup another follow-up call)
- Auto type “call/email/meet” when you choose a new task
- Want to have option to see all Deals In Digest (mobile app) maybe similar to “All Tasks”
- probably more to come....hopefully not


How many replies does it need for Hubspot to actually make a comment on an issue? I mean this has been getting quite a bit of attention lately and seems to be e wide-spread issue!


This is still a much-needed affordance in HubSpot Sales: Connect Hubsopt Sales Tasks to Google Calendar.


The value of this would enhance productivity and performance. Also, increasing off-HubSpot Tasks functions would also be useful for Slack notifications, and other apps as mentioned above. 


I agree with this but also NEED a Hubspot calendar so my telemarketers can schedule meetings for the on road reps. I feel so terrible Hubspot doesn't have this functionality. The guys are screaming at me for making the change to Hubspot. Our problem is the guys can't just click into a clients notes or find their address on maps. Also, the guys started putting notes in google calendar without realising the CLIENT sees the notes after being invited... Shame.



I think tasks should simply have an additional option for viewing - calendar format. Definitely gives clear visual insight into how packed a calendar is with tasks for upcoming day/week/month. I primarily use tasks as a reminder to follow up with clients who've asked to be reached at a later date. For me, it is important to know how much important potential business is coming up. Similar to the pipeline functionality, but as someone else mentioned, I am very surprised that this isn't yet an option. I wouldn't even need it to be integrated to my own calendar. Just a new VIEW option.


Don't worry about the lack of calendar in HubSpot you can integrate with Google Calendar - except it is ONLY scheduled appointments that can be integrated. Not calls, not time blocked for preparation, not pre-event internal meetings - basically none of the multiple tasks that precede a single client meeting can be transferred to Google Calendar.


If you can zap a "schedule" into my Google Calendar, surely you can zap a task in there. Why is a meeting any different from a task anyway? In the Hubspot world it looks like a task is a "schedule" with no invitees.


Therefore, Google sync is useless for tasks and meeting?  Hardly syncing then,it it?


Well - so ends my use of Hubspot.  Read many reviews - Hubspot nearly alwayscomes out as the best option - clealry the reviews are not written by people that use these tools.  A basic, basic, thing such as proper calendar integration - and it doesn't work.  Makes a Hubspot pointless.


Ta Ta.


We just started using Hubspot and Ihave to say it's a very good, simple system, something that we've been searching for. Unfortunatelly, inability to sync tasks with google calendar makes the whole system pretty useless to us...

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I mean ...... I want this feature as much as anyone ... my clients would certainly appreciate it .......


but those of you saying HubSpot is "useless" without this feature .... you may need to learn a bit more about what the platform does. It's a lot more valuable than a calendar integration, and there are workarounds.


Let's not be ridiculous.


Definitely not ideal. 
The project module is simple but given we've previously managed content creation tasks/feedback etc via combination of Trello / JIRA and Slack which was quite a pain, simplicity seemed like a welcome change.

Switched to Hubspot for CMS and marketing automation, knowing we would be able to set tasks with deadlines in the same system as we were creating and commenting on the content, which seemed fantastic versus our current setup. Certainly did not expect that none of this would sync to our Google Calendar though.


Can someone from Hubspot provide information as to why this is not available?


I'd like to request an Outlook integration.


Please consider adding tasks to gmail calendar. It's super frustrating to continually overbook calls because I don't have a calendar showing me how many calls I've scheduled. I like a previous suggestion as well to be able to schedule calls (as well as tasks) with an option to share with the client, but not having to generate a response to client. This is a deal breaker for me. If this feature doesn't happen soon I need to find another option for CRM.


This would be an awesome feature. I came here because I wondered, too, why I couldn't do it. 


In all fairness, I could also understand from Hubspot perspective that anyone like myself who uses the free portion is limited to the number of email reminders per month and may want to switch to pay model in order to get all reminders. Adding the Google Calendar feature would bypass this need. BUT if the Google Calendar add-on was part of the pay model that may also encourage more people to pay. I know I would pay $50/mo if adding all tasks to calendar integration was there! I could see increased productivity -- and as someone else pointed out, less meeting conflicts (where a customer could schedule when you already have something booked).

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Hi Team,


I'd like to understand if Hubspot is planning to develop in the CRM product, a way of a hubspot task to generate or create a new Outlook Task. From searching the hubspot  community forums there appears to be a lot of interest about this feature. 


Can someone please let me know if there is amy intention for Hubspot to add this to the CRM product.

Thank You

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OK, this has been on the "idea" list for 14 months now.  This is a basic request that is CRITICAL.  Please do this 


This feature would be beneficial for us as well (we use Office 365).


More specifically, we have sales reps who schedule tasks out to other departments and it would be very useful to have calendar integration so that it would not allow a task to be scheduled when someone was going to be out of the office, or busy working on other projects to avoid over-scheduling.


I agree with other posters. We are using Office 365, so would need an outlook calendar integration. 


Our account managers schedule tasks out to other team members, and it would be extremely useful for them to see the availability of other users in hubspot so that they can schedule tasks accordinly and avoid over-lapping with other tasks or schedule conflicts (i.e. if a team member is out of office).


In general, I think HubSpot needs to be more condusive to teams. I feel that the productivity side of things is lacking. We are using both the paid Marketing hub and Sales hub.