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Sync Properties as be mandatory deal stage properties

HubSpot just released this great Beta:


However, it lacks one critical functionality: these sync fields currently can not be used as mandatory deal stage fields. 

Use case: 
You have a field called delivery address on the primary associated company. Before the deal can be moved into Closed Won, that property must be populated. Making the sync property mandatory on the deal level forces the user to go to the company record and update it. 

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Having the ability to require synced fields for deals would be amazing - especially if it would allow the user to update the company record property without leaving the pipeline

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Yes! This would really complete this feature. My use case is the sales rep needs to complete KYC process on the Company before the Deal can be moved to a Closed Won stage. I'm looking to place a 'KYC Complete' checkbox on the Company, and a sync property for that checkbox on the Deal. The latter, I want to make mandatory so reps know they have to go to the Company to complete that process.


EDIT: Either this, or the alternative solution of making properties on associated records mandatory in certain pipeline stages, see this idea.