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Sync LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Lists to HubSpot


New user that evaluated Salesforce's LinkedIn Sales Nav integration.

It would be great to have the same level integration as SF.


Connecting the lead lists in LinkedIN into Hubspot would be a great integration - as we cannot export leads from LinkedIN.


Please get this done ASAP!


Excited to join the Hubspot Community!


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Someone that can help me with information about when it will be possible to import Account and Lead informatoin from Linkedin using the integration.


Its possible for Salesforce and MS Dynamics, is it on a development roadmap in Hubspot? 




1/ Be able to create a List of all Contacts which are a 1st Degree Connection on LinkedIn

2/ Be able to receive an auto email/task by day or week of all LI 1st Degree Connections who view my LI posts, change jobs/titles or who post their own LI posts

3/ I can then do all follow up with HS natively

4/ I can also start to create point system for the IQl and MQL funnels of Lead Status