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Sync HubSpot Activities with Salesforce Activities

It would be great if certain activities could sync to salesforce without a "task" being created and assigned.



-When a note is created can we sync the note to notes in salesforce

-Marketing email send (we just want to see in the contact's activity this was sent, we don't need a task created?

-Attachments to attachments


It's not always pertinent to create and assign a task for every single action. Example (Marketing email sent for product release) This is important to the sales team for conversation purposes but if that sales manager has 50 contacts who get that email he now has 50 tasks! Unrealistic to manage.

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Totally agree! 


Completely agree!


I would love to see an email sent in Hubspot show up as an email sent in Salesforce instead of as a task. It just clutters the sales reps' tasks and makes them hard to manage.


This is an amazing idea that I'm not sure why hasn't been implemented. 


Something else to improve with syncing is the type of emails, so the replies from contacts are mapped as such and not as 'sales email sent' for example. 


It would be great to be able to sync unique fields of tasks between HubSpot and Salesforce for the activitiy sync, just like we can sync unique fields for accounts and contacts.


This will assist in the creation of tasks in Salesforce and assignment of tasks correctly. 


Thank you