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Switch to bot when no agents available or outside office hours

I'm playing with the qualification bot that comes with Marketing Starter and there are a couple of things missing that I think should be offered before it's useful -


Switching between Messages and Bot depending on business hours/away status or time delay.

If I'm available, I'd like to speak to people, if I'm not (outside hours, I'm set to away or I haven't answered in 30 seconds), I'd like a bot to take over. Otherwise I'd miss out on an interesting lead because I wasn't available.


Giving the option to speak to someone and not forcing them to answer questions.
What if they're browsing, curious or just want to just ask a question? I'd like to offer this option to site visitors. Otherwise people could bounce and I would lose them.


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I was expecting the bot to work this way, and even moved from Drift chat to Hubspot chat because of that functionality.


But I was mistaken, it is not possible to do it as it it now. Still something very easy to implement. Just need to add it as an option for:


- Out of office hours.

- Absent / No agents available.


That simple. =)

Any ETA for this to be implemented?