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Switch to associate all contacts with a deal

It would be so useful if there was a 'switch' or trigger that would associate all contacts to a deal if they were associated to the company the deal was opened against.


This would be of real value for Marketing and Sales so that sales & marketing emails don't go out to someone whose company we are already in talks with.

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@GWebb interesting concept an I have upvoted, does one know who the actual deal contact is? 

I am manually associating all contacts with a deal as I do not want to send samples to  a business twice.


This would be very useful, or at least to be able to create lists where if a company is associated with a deal, then all contacts for that company can be excluded from the list.


So the deal can remain associated with one contact but we're not emailing other contacts from the same company unnecessarily 


Thanks for the upvotes.


@gelflex-cc It's a tricky one and as it's going to depend on specific needs, you could create a custom field (even just a checkbox or yes/no field) with the label "Primary contact".  However for us that isn't really relevant and I didn't want the Sales team to have another field to remember to complete, so a toggle switch maybe during the deal creation phase to associate all known contacts would be good OR a toggle in the overall settings that would always always associate contacts even after the deal creation (similar to the syncing of the lifecycle stage from company to contact) would be really useful!


@NickS Yes I see your point too - I wonder whether having Deal Owner and Deal Associate would work?  


I think its very subjective, for us, associating all contacts with deal would ensure that we are removing all contacts associated with a active deal from our marketing email messages and marketing automations whilst the Sales Team would be dealing directly with their contacts via one to one sales emails.



Upvoting this idea.


I could definitely use this functionality as well!

We are not using HubSpot as our CRM or to follow up on deals, but only for Marketing automation... so knowing who the exact contact that the deal started with is not important in our case. 


The functionality similar to lifecycle stages would be ideal as @GWebb mentioned above.




Upvoting as well! I am most interested in this for attribution, as very often the contact tied to the deal is a very limited view of all of the ABM that we've executed with a given account. Seems like an important upgrade if HubSpot wants its CRM capabilities to compete with the likes of Salesforce. 


This would be very useful for us as well!