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Hey Hubspot,   


There seems to be some real interest in this feature in the community.  You have suggested I post this in the "Ideas" discussion, so here it is.


It is very commonplace for executives to have different personas across different organizations.  For example, I have 3 separate Hubspot accounts, for 3 separate companies.  In each company, I have a different email address.  Why can't I simply switch between them?


You currently allow people to switch between Hubspot accounts, provided that they have the same email address in both accounts - this does not make much sense.


It seems you are so close to solving this problem - you're just missing the critical last step.


What is the likelihood of this happening soon?




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I would love to see this. I use HubSpot on a daily basis at work, but I own a business and form part of planning committee of large community.  I've begun to implement HubSpot with the planning committee and it's bit inconvenient having to log out then log in with a different email address


I would defintely like to see this feature to be able to toggle different crms with different email logins. 


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>>"You currently allow people to switch between Hubspot accounts, provided that they have the same email address in both accounts - this does not make much sense."


Wait. What?


While we support the idea to offer switching between accounts using multiple email addresses and have upvoted this thread, switching between multiple HubSpot accounts while using the same email address makes perfect sense. In fact, it is the preferred way to use HubSpot both internally as a HubSpotter AND as an agency which supports multiple clients at different organizations.


Furthermore, HubSpot certifications, essential components in both evaluating HubSpot expertise and in using the platform, are tied to A SINGLE EMAIL ADDRESS. Again, making perfect sense.


Note: The workaround is to use a separate browser, or an incognito window for the secondary HubSpot login.




Thanks for adding your perspective.  Some clarification is in order.  If you check out the context of my post,  it is the requirement that you must use the same email address in order to switch accounts that doesn't make sense.  Your scenario regarding being an agency for multiple organizations and using the same email address across them is valid - it's the way you work.    


Being able to switch between accounts using the same email address as the key is valid.  Being able to switch between accounts using different email addresses is also as valid.  I'm just looking to enable the latter.


I hope this helps.





I think that in my line of work I represent several companies.  For some companies I need to use my Red Cap E-Mail and for other companies I need to us my Blue Cap E-Mial.  Both mails have a group of projects and ideas that need following up, but can no mix them.  


Using one E-Mail to toggle in HubS is not possible and does NOT make any sense.  




Yes please - I work as an associate with 2 different consultancies, and also run my own. That means holding customer relationships via 3 different email accounts (one is via gsuite and the other two are via office365) - the ability to create 3 profiles and switch between them would be very well received!


Yes, I would love to have one community account where I can assign the email. I'm moving to a new job and have several clients, where I have several HubSpot accounts. I shouldn't have to have, nor do I want to have, 5 different HubSpot Community accounts and to start my "regular constributor" status over. (Hope this reads well and makes sense.)


I'm interested in this feature as well - both on the web and in the iOS app, seeing as I'm using Hubspot in both my own company and for a large project for a client (where I don't choose my email), which makes it cumbersome to switch between accounts.


Very much want this feature, also on web and iOS.


You can workaround on the web with Incognito mode, but there's no option on the iOS App other than fully singing out and back in!


This would be a great feature to have. I have two different accounts with their own email addresses.


It's really annoying when you're in the middle of one thing on one account and then get someone on the live chat on the other account for example. This means you have to stop what you're doing, log out and log in to the other account (and then back). 


Would be great to be able to toggle/switch between accounts. 


Same issue here, I have 2 companies, 2 account with different email address but it's really painfull everytime to log out and login. On desktop I use 2 different web browser Chrome and Safari but for the app it's annoying...


In addition: I use one gmail inbox, with multiple gmail accounts & aliases from three different companies, who all have their own hubspot instance.


I would like to propose a solution BEYOND toggling, and suggest a way to automatically link the right hubspot instance based on the outgoing email domain. That would prevent any nasty mistakes.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hey all, I wanted to drop in & let you know that we definitely are aware of this ask, & while we don't have plans to solve for this in the near future, it's something we can see a solid use case for. I'd love to keep seeing feedback here on this so we can get a good feel for how we could solve this problem down the line! Thanks so much for your comments here.


Yup - I have a need here as well.  Thanks!


I need this too.


I agree!  I want to use multiple email addresses (different businesses) to connect with one CRM. We need the ability to toggle between both business email addresses within the same user account. Please please create a solution. From what I can find online many of us have this challenge.


This is a real struggle. Especially when the concept is applied to Outlook add-in. It **bleep** having to sign in and out constantly when working from different accounts. 


As an owner of multiple companies, this feature would be extremely useful.


Would love this feature - having multiple browsers open not an ideal solution/workaround.


I agree this is a huge idea and it's been driving me crazy for months. 


The default email address is used across all HubID's and if one company is and your default email is and you send a quote or email or anything it always defaults to even if you have three different companies all using a different domain. 


Like my HUB ID is default

Then you switch to HUB ID two and the same email from default is used in account I have sent numerous quotes and my email address and phone number from default is shared across all HUB IDs.


I run several companies using one login and my default has caused me massive headaches as client says who's and then they think that their info has been shared and some clients lose trust in this regard.


Why would Hubspot do this? Why can't they see people run different companies using one portal but different ID's?


Even the default phone number is shared across all HUBID's it's bad... just plain stupid to be honest.


They need to keep HUB IDs separate unless they share the same domain or something. We should be able to keep it all separate. The only way is to use my as a no-brainer as no excuse but it's not professional. But I can't change my number ... one client called that number and it was a different company but this is the default number.


I have decided to cancel my enterprise accounts on two accounts and went elsewhere as all other companies allow you to keep defaults separate per ID. Why can't HS do this it seems a no brainer. No simple in programming.