SurveyMonkey integration to accept variable links

Instead of having to ask contacts to complete the email field in a SurveyMonkey, it would be great to generate unique links using variables like email address that we can link to from our website or emails.


The SurveyMonkey API allows for it and generating the unique link works with personalisation tokens and the SurveyMonkey Custom Variables tool so we're halfway there! e.g. https://SURVEY-ADDRESS?email=[email_value]

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Especially as it avoids typos and contacts to use another email address.

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This integration already pulls in email without the question in your survey if you send from SurveyMonkey, why not allow passing the Hubspot contact ID as a custom variable in the URL and use that to match up? Or at least let pass the match the email as a custom variable and never show it in a Survey question as suggested in this idea as well as this one,

This would allow better control of sending emails using real tools instead uploading to SurveyMonkey.

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This would be a game changer for sure!!!